28 Things and Happy Belated Birthday, Harry!

Last Wednesday, of course, was Harry Potter’s thirty third birthday. Ah, kids grow up so fast nowadays. šŸ™‚ Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday, Harry!! Very glad that all is still well with you.

It was also Joanne Rowling’s birthday, too, as strangely enough she and Harry share the date, July 31st. Hmmm, she’s only one year older than me. Anyway, John Granger has a post on the birthdays over at Hogwarts Professor. He has three thoughts on it, which I sum up here. 1) Have you ever had or attended a birthday party for Harry and/or Rowling; 2) What would you write to Rowling in a birthday card; and 3) If it was your birthday and Rowling said she’d answer one question as a gift for you, what would that question be. Check out Granger’s post and also feel free to share your answers here.

Also, I saw this article last week on 28 things which happened after the Potter series ended. These are things, of course, that Rowling revealed outside of the story, which make them interesting but not necessarily definitive. But in terms of this post, is there anything on this list you had not heard of till now? Thoughts on it, if so.

The other thing I like about this article is the fantastic artwork. It’s a reminder of just how vibrant and talented the Harry Potter fandom was and still is in many respects because some of these drawings are fairly recent.


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