A Site Question

I’m wondering if regular visitors to the site have any indication of recent comments on the site.
I get a very different site experience depending on whether I’m signed in as a moderator or not.

What would help you, as a visitor to keep abreast of any conversation that’s happenning here?


14 thoughts on “A Site Question

  1. Well, I thought the only possibility to see if there are new comments is to check the site regularly, unless I have commented myself and checked the box to notify me of new ones. Did I miss something?

  2. yes please!!! i get the email notifications, but a quick look at discussion threads and a quick way into previous discussions would be great!

  3. When I’m logged in there is a portion of the side bar that is titled “Join the Potter Talk” and lists the five most recent posts.

    When I’m not logged in there is no indicator of recent posts.

    Please comment on this post if you get anything different.


  4. It would be wonderful if one could check something and always receive notification of new posts.

    There’s the Notify me of new posts via email box below the combox that I always check, but I must not understand what this means, because I’m never notified of new posts.

  5. There used to be that box that showed recent comments from any and all postings which was helpful. Now I have to scroll down through all the posts and see how many comments have been made for each topic and try to remember if I’d already seen them. So…a box showing the new comments would be good like the one at HogPro. Thanks.

  6. Every time I enter 12 Grimmauld Place on the forum it tells me I made an invalid answer so I can’t sign up for the forum.

  7. I ditto Arabella and Nana. There used to be a box on the right that listed the latest posts, in order from most recent, and what article they were in. I remember we heard that the site was being worked on and was going to get a new look, but that hasn’t happened yet. I think a lot of old features that were in sidebars are still gone.

  8. On “Boggarts in Nashville,” it said that this look would be a temporary placeholder while the site is being redesigned. Personally I liked the old design— even going back to that would be great.
    One thing I’ve always found strange, even on the original site, is that if I go to the Forum, there is no way to click back from the forum to the home page of the site. (At least I’ve never seen one.) So I have to search for hogshead.org again; I can’t move back and forth between the two.

  9. Now that you mention it, there really isn’t a list of the latest posts on the right (and I am sure it used to be there). The only thing I see is that Facebook thing and a couple of links to other sites. Nothing else.

    1. Is there a way to subscribe, so I get notified when something new is posted? Oh, I see, now that I am commenting there is a choice “notify me of new posts via email.” But before I hit reply, I didn’t see anything on the main page anymore for subscribing, either.

  10. Oh, Arabella, does it not work, even when you check “notify me of new posts by email”? Wayne, above, says he gets the email notifications. I will have to wait to see if I get one.

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