George Naylor

A lifetime of reading comic books, watching monster movies, reading science fiction and fantasy books, and playing role-playing games has prepared me to be a member of the Blogengamot.  Along the way I got a Bachelor’s Degree in History/Political Science and a Master of Divinity degree.  I was ordained as a pastor in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in 1998 and currently serve a small congregation in Western Nebraska.  I am married to a beautiful pharmacist and spend most of my time serving the 16 gods, commonly known as cats, who live with us.

I came to Harry Potter late in the game, first reading the series shortly after Half-Blood Prince came out.  But I reread the series numerous times and also devoured anything I could read or listen to on the series.  I started participating on The Hogshead a few months before Deathly Hallows was released and also participate regularly on John Granger’s Hogwarts Professor site.

Random facts: I love the works of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.  Love Dracula.  Also reading many classic works of literature.  Like disaster literature as well and probably know more about tornadoes than you want to know.  Read lots of history and politics.  Love Linux Mint operating system.  Favorite music is ’80’s New Wave and alternative along with lots of other eclectic genres; No Contemporary Christian or Country Western though!

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  1. Hi revgeorge! Wanted to remark on your new avatar and thought it was more appropriate than leaving a comment on the “Best Wizards” post. I hate comments that are way off topic and decided I couldn’t be a hypocrite.

    Love, love, love your pic of Yul in my favorite role of Rameses. The most awesome avatar EVER!

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