Jenna St. Hilaire

Jenna St. Hilaire is a writer, musician, homemaker, and insatiable reader living in Bellingham, WA with her husband. Her Hogwarts acceptance letter came in the words of a pastor defending Harry’s story against the anti-Potter ideas she had heard. She snuck into the children’s section of the library, checked out the first book, and did not put it down for a week. By then she was so much in love that she hated to take it back to the library even to get the sequel.

Since that first week in the Wizarding world, Jenna has read all of the books several times over, participated regularly in literary discussions at The Hog’s Head and sister site, joined the wizard rock community, and become known to her friends as a source for all things Potter. She ardently believes that Rowling’s magnum opus has a place in the canon of great English literature.

When not talking Potter with friends at the pub, she can be found blogging about reading and writing and other life experiences at her home blog, and wrocking as Library Lily and the Tales of the Bard.

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