Mr Pond

Mr Pond is John Patrick Pazdziora.

John Patrick Pazdziora (PhD, St Andrews) is a research associate at the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts, St Mary’s College, St Andrews. His primary work is on Scottish literature in the nineteenth century, and the adaptation of folklore and the ballad tradition in children’s literature; he has particular interest in George MacDonald, James Hogg, and Andrew Lang. He has also published on more modern authors such as James Thurber, Claire Dean, and J. K. Rowling. With Christopher MacLachlan and Ginger Stelle, he edited Re-Thinking George MacDonald: Contexts and Contemporaries (ASLS 2013), and edited New Fairy Tales: Essays and Stories (Unlocking, 2013) with Defne Çizakca.

Dr Pazdziora is also the general editor of Unsettling Wonder (, an imprint of Papaveria Press. He also hosts The Paradoxes of Mr Pond, and is an occasional contributor to The Hogwarts ProfessorHe lives in Scotland.

Some of Mr Pond’s more notable contributions to The Hog’s Head are:
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Weeping and Howling: Frame, Sex, and Otherness in George MacDonald’s “The Grey Wolf”
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