Around the Common Room 3/2/12

All right, fellow geeks! If you haven’t gotten your Fandom Identification Card yet, you should definitely do so. Mine says I’m a Hufflepuff (no surprises there) and places me fairly in the Lord of the Rings universe (Ent–I’m tall) and Divergent faction (Abnegation), but I still don’t know what I did to be labeled a Borg and a Dalek. Be sure and stop back in the comments to tell us how you fared.

Over at Hogwarts Professor, check out the You know you’re really an adult Harry Potter fan if… list and add your own! I happen to be very much down with the Apparating and the use of chocolate.

Those of you dying for the Potter ebooks will find sympathy in Katherine Coble’s post ranting about the extended lack of same. Even as someone who probably won’t buy the ebooks immediately, I must agree with her about the way it’s been handled.

And then, here’s Harry, Dumbledore, Voldemort and Snape griping about not winning any Oscars. Via YA Highway.

Finally, since I’m reading The Silmarillion for the first time, I’ll leave you with this thought: when Tolkien called the great mountain in Valinor “Túna”, I don’t think he anticipated small cans of fish. Or the nicknaming powers of Andy from The Office.

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  1. I forgot to get this into my own Around the Common Room post, but I’ll link it here: President Obama unveils young adult novel plan to save U.S. economy. Enjoy!

    BTW, speaking of young adult books, I was eating lunch today at a Chinese restaurant with my wife & the table next to us had three ladies who were approximately in their late 60’s to early 70’s. One of the ladies was talking about how much she enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy & how much she was looking forward to the movie later this month. She even knew the exact date of the release.

    I asked her about The Hunger Games & we talked a bit about literature. She said she’d been asked to speak about the series at the local library & someone asked her how old she was. She said it shouldn’t matter how old she is because if a book is good then it appeals to people of all ages.

  2. Huh, my house according to is Hufflepuff….but Pottermore says Ravenclaw *conflicted*

    Hunger Games: District 7 (which district was that?)
    Twilight: Human (YES! thank goodness XD)
    Lord of the Rings: Man (Human again?)
    Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (…..hmmm not really sure…..)
    Divergent: Erudite (I have no idea what this series is ^^; )
    His Dark Materials: Lyra’s Oxford (know the series, kinda, just don’t know the reference)
    Mortal Instruments: Werewolf (know *of* the series, haven’t read it…is being a werewolf a good thing?)
    Percy Jackson: Mortal (*shrug*)
    Chronicles of Narnia: Child of Adam and Eve
    Game of Thrones: House Stark (another instance of knowing *of* the series)
    Doctor Who (NOT “DR.” AFDHESAIGFDHSIA): The Doctor (I would hope so, but I think that question might’ve been a bit obvious ^^; )
    Delirium: Uncured (don’t know the series)
    Star Trek: Vulcan (HA! XD My dad actually says I must be part vulcan…..I like to say “Logical” things ^^; )
    Battlestar Galactica: Cylon (know of the series, know the Cylons…..bad guys, right?)

    Can anyone school me on any series I don’t know or know very little of? ^_^

  3. I didn’t write them all down, but let me see what I can remember.
    Gryffindor. (I haven’t been able to get on Pottermore yet . . . )
    Hunger Games: Jessica, I’m District 7, too, and I couldn’t remember what it was. I searched it, and apparently they live in the woods and love the smell of pine.
    Twilight: Human
    Lord of the Rings: Elf
    Divergent: Erudite
    His Dark Materials: Ice Bear (or something like that). I did read this series, but all I remember about the bear is that he had to fight . . .
    Percy Jackson: Mortal
    Chronicles of Narnia: Child of Adam and Eve.
    That’s all I can remember.
    I enjoyed the Best Picture Summary, and Obama, and You know you’re really an adult Harry Potter fan if . . . That was fun— Now I’d better get on with what I was supposed to be doing today, ha ha!

  4. Haha, this is totally fun.

    Jessica, I can’t speak for all the series (probably got Dalek by having failed entirely to watch Dr. Who thus far… I know, I know, someday!) but here are a couple.

    District 7 is the lumber and paper district, from which Johanna Mason came, according to the Wikipedia article on the HG universe. I’ve read the books but had to look up my own District (11), too. The numbers are just not helpful to the memory. 🙂

    Divergent is the first of a dystopian trilogy in which the post-apocalyptic inhabitants of Future Chicago are divided up into five factions, each based on a virtue. If you’re Erudite, it means that you’re with the people who value intelligence and learning, which means I have no idea why you didn’t also get Ravenclaw.

    The Cylons are definitely the bad guys, but I haven’t seen Battlestar Galactica and don’t know any more than that.

  5. Selected ones from my fandom identification card:

    Harry Potter: Hufflepuff (No surprise as I consistently either come up Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw on tests.)
    Hunger Games: District 3 (District 3’s main industry is electronics. They specialize in televisions, automobiles, and explosives.)
    Twilight: Vampire (Ugh.)
    LOTR: Dwarf (Cool.)
    Star Wars: Bounty Hunter
    Divergent: Erudite
    His Dark Materials: Will’s Oxford (No idea what that means)
    Percy Jackson: Mortal
    Chronicles of Narnia: Narnian (Cool.)
    Game of Thrones: House Stark
    Doctor Who: Dalek (Cool.)
    Star Trek: Romulan (They misspelled it on the card.) (They are passionate, cunning, & opportunistic; the opposite of the coldly logical Vulcans.)
    Battlestar Galactica: Human

    The Cylons are the bad guys in that ambiguous post-modern type of way of being bad guys.

  6. Well, that was fun! I love stuff like that!

    I came up as Gryffindor, which was no surprise, because I’m always that or Hufflepuff.
    Hunger Games: District 4, where Finnick and Annie are from- I think it’s New England, actually- the main industry is fishing, etc.
    Twilight- Human (this one seemed the lamest. There are only 3 options, right?)
    Lord of the Rings: Man
    Star Wars: Jedi (YESSS!!)
    Divergent: Erudite (I think mot of us here will come up as that, they are more “bookish”)
    His Dark Materials: Will’s Oxford
    Mortal Instruments: Shadowhunter (no idea, sounds cool)
    Percy Jackson: Demigod
    Chronicles of Narnia: Human
    Game of Thrones: House of Lannistor
    Dr. Who- The Doctor
    Delerium: Uncured
    Star Trek: Borg
    Battlestar Gallactica: Human

    Jessica I really liked Divergent. It was reviewed here- last summer I think -so I read it. I thought it was really well done, and had a great story line. A bit more redemptive than Hunger Games, in my opinion.

    Loved your story about Hunger Games as well, Rev. What a great example of shared text, right?

  7. I looked up Divergent due to this post, and it sounded great. Thanks for giving your opinion of it, PotterMom05. I’m going to read it.
    revgeorge, I read His Dark Materials a long time ago, but from what I remember Will’s Oxford was the real Oxford, and Lyra’s Oxford was another world superimposed on ours that was very similar, but with important differences. Will makes sacrifices, and in the end does the right thing and returns to his own world.
    Jenna, I also wondered why Erudite and Ravenclaw didn’t match up (after reading the reviews of Divergent). There must have been specific questions for specific books. The test was very strange to me. So many of the questions did not have a choice I would have expected to be there among the others. Since I had not read most of the series, some of the questions were really out there!

  8. Only listing the ones I know something about….

    Harry Potter: Ravenclaw (that’s right)
    Hunger Games: The Capitol (sadly, that might be right, too).
    Twilight: Vampire (does that mean I have to sparkle?)
    LOTR: Man (I thought I was going to get Hobbit)
    Star Wars: Droids (Excuse me??!!)
    Percy Jackson: Human (eh)
    Narnia: Child of Adam and Eve (has anyone gotten anything else?)
    Doctor Who: The Doctor (whew — thank God it wasn’t a Dalek!)
    Star Trek: Vulcan (yeah, that would go with the Ravenclaw thing)
    Battlestar Galactica: Human (whatever)

  9. Janet said, “Narnia: Child of Adam and Eve (has anyone gotten anything else?)”

    I got Narnian. 🙂

    phoenixsong58, thank you for the info on Will’s Oxford. I’ve never read Pullman’s books & probably won’t start anytime soon. But it sounds like I would prefer Will’s Oxford.

  10. Harry Potter: Gryffindor (strange; I usually come up as Ravenclaw)
    Hunger Games: District 7
    Twilight: Human
    LOTR: Dwarf (…I have no idea how that happened)
    Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (Um…)
    Divergent: Dauntless
    Mortal Instruments: Faerie
    Percy Jackson: Mortal
    Chronicles of Narnia: Child of Adam and Eve
    Game of Thrones: House Arryn
    Doctor Who: Dalek (I think it was that Exterminate! question, oops)
    Star Trek: Klingon

    Overall, I think that I might have portrayed myself as too fearsome

  11. This is fun, even though there are several I’m not familiar with. I’ll put a question mark next to the ones I don’t understand because I haven’t read/watched them.

    HP: Gryffindor
    Hunger Games: District 13
    Twilight: Human
    Lord of the Rings: Dwarf (that one surprised me)
    Star Wars: Jedi (I’m always using the force, so…)
    Divergent: Amity (?)
    His Dark Materials: Lyra Oxford (only read first book, don’t know this reference)
    Mortal Instruments: Shadowhunter (?)
    Percy Jackson: Mortal (only read 5 chapters of first book)
    Chronicles of Narnia: Narnia
    Game of Thrones: House Tyrell (?)
    Doctor Who: The Doctor (10th, please)
    Delirium: It’s just blank, no answer (?)
    Star Trek: Klingon (another surprise)
    Battlestar Galactica: Human

    The “Best Picture” video is hilarious. I posted this comment on Twitter during the Oscars, but took it down quickly for fear of fandom rage: “Mediocre movies do not deserve Oscars, just because J.K. Rowling wrote some really great books.”

  12. Yes, this was a great deal of fun. I must say, though, that I was torn on some of the questions or that I would have given a completely different answer for some of the questions if there had been a Write-in option.

    Harry Potter: Ravenclaw (not a surprise; I usually split between this and Gryffindor)
    Hunger Games: District 7
    Twilight: Human
    LOTR: Elf
    Star Wars: Jedi (Yes!!! This was the one I cared about as much as the HP House Sorting.)
    Divergent: Dauntless
    His Dark Materials: Lyra’s Oxford
    Mortal Instruments: Werewolf
    Percy Jackson: Mortal
    Chronicles of Narnia: Child of Adam and Eve
    Game of Thrones: House Arryn
    Doctor Who: The Doctor (Yay!)
    Delerium: Uncured
    Star Trek: Vulcan (no surprise; half expected Data)
    Battlestar Galactica: Human

  13. cbiondi, I agree. Some of the questions did not have an answer that I would have chosen, so I had to force myself to pick something that wasn’t really correct. Those were strange.

  14. Hmmm, I looked up the definition for “Amity” & it doesn’t fit you at all, Travis. 😉

    Hope you enjoy Divergent. It was a good read, not as gripping as The Hunger Games but hopefully the following books will get better as opposed to less better as in THG series.

  15. I’ll be interested in what you think about Divergent, too, Travis. While I could appreciate the artistry (see Jenna’s review here: and our discussion), it wasn’t a book I liked, I wasn’t invested in the characters, and I don’t expect I’ll read the sequels. It just seemed too much continual violence, with too little heart.

  16. Only three I knew anything of
    HP : Gryffindor
    Star Wars: Jedi
    Lord of the Rings: Elf.
    Guess that makes me a good guy.
    (I have no idea what any of the others were, let alone what their sorting of me meant. I’d kind of hoped there’d be a Dickens and an Austen allocation.)

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