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Happy Independence Day, everyone! In the last week or so, I’ve been alerted to a few blogs that are doing some excellent work on Harry Potter that will now be appearing on the links page. Here are a few of note:

The Chamber of Mom – mother of an “all Harry, all the time” family, she’s got some great stuff on the series.
Blogging Harry Potter – From the archives, it appears this blog got started just after SoG, and it’s been quoted in a few news stories recently surrounding, once again, JKR’s statements about who’s gonna bite it in book 7.

Speaking of when SoG got started, I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a year already (if you count the original Typepad version of the blog). Wish I had written down the date of the first post before I deleted the Typepad version; I could’ve done an anniversary post or something.

The Anchoress – Great blog, with occasional Harry posts, including a recent one about JKR’s interview statements.

Enjoy the writing at those great blogs!

Fellow BHT fellow (that’s a funny phrase) Matthew is angry with Snape and wants Harry to perform a good long crucio on him, despite my belief in Snape’s goodness. I can’t blame you, man; Dumbledore was my favorite character of the whole series. But then again, Snape’s my second favorite, and I’m holding out for his being a good guy still.

I’ve added a Creative Commons License to the blog (see sidebar) to protect the stuff I’m writing here. This is what it means.

I’m plugging through the post on Dumbledore’s death, and the alchemy series is still on pause. Lots more to read and research than I had planned. Have a good and safe Independence Day.

4 thoughts on “Around the Common Room

  1. Just one question: In the explanation to what the Creative Commons License is, it says that you may not “build upon this work.”
    Does this mean that I cannot use your text and say that it’s mine (duh!) or does it mean no quoting the text at all?


  2. Kjetil, you’re definitely allowed to quote the text! I think the phrase just refers to people who alter or build upon a work and then call the whole thing their own.

    Clay, good for you. Matthew’s in for a shock.

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