Around the Common Room: January 4, 2013

It’s 2013, some of us are still sweeping up bits of confetti left over from wizard crackers–surreptitiously, when Aberforth isn’t looking–and there are a few bits and leftovers from 2012 to be picked up and discussed as well. For instance:

…and though the Christmas season is almost over (it’s the tenth day–perhaps you’ll get some lords-a-leaping from your true love!), there’s a Godzilla Christmas tree to be seen, fifteen ice planets for a guaranteed white Christmas, Bryan Thomas Schmidt’s picks for Top Ten Christmas Reads for Kids, and a little mixup over the generous nature and white beard of Gandalf.

And in slightly older news, here’s WhatCulture pundit David Noriega’s top 50 iconic characters of the 90’s. Your friendly link aggregator is shocked, firstly at how many of these she remembers, since she spent the first half of the 90’s as a conservative homeschooled teenager in backcountry Montana, and secondly at the spelling and grammar–but ah, sweet nostalgia.

For one of the oddest things yet to come across in the new year, here’s fandomania’s Fangirl’s Guide to Harry Potter, written by one Kendra Beltran, who, it would seem, has never read the books or even seen the movies. Ms. Beltran explains the phenomenon as best she sees it from an outsider’s perspective, however, and though most of it will be old hat to pub folk, she makes this interesting claim at the end:

Harry Potter is something I respect for the fact that it will stand the test of time. In 20 years Edward Cullen dolls will be hilarious reminders of what once was, Hunger Games will be a notch in archery history, but Harry Potter will still be talked about like it was just yesterday.

Meanwhile, here’s a link likely to get bookmarked by many a Pub regular: Problems of a Book Nerd. To whet your taste:

problems of a book nerd 83

Making the logical leap from the problem of movie adaptations to The Hobbit, here’s yesterday’s birthday boy reading from his famed work. Also, you can now get hairy hobbit-foot toe socks.

Another adaptation in the making: Lois Lowry’s The Giver, starring Jeff Bridges as the title character.

In Star Trek news: fans may wish to take a little time to peruse io9’s “Weirdest and Sexiest Costumes from the Original Star Trek.” It’s quite hilarious. Meanwhile, gives you ten reasons to read a Star Trek novel.

In Doctor Who news, stars of the series will be hosting special talks for fans as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2013. Also, Royal Mail has issued 11 new Doctor Who stamps.

In numerological lists: 11 utterly ludicrous fan theories that are quite convincing, 10 ways to kill your book club, 14 notable women writers of weird fiction, and the 12 most epic action figures ever created.

E-reading is up and print books are down, says a survey by Pew Internet Research Center.

Blogger Kathy Schiffer has made note of Jonathan Swift’s resolutions for “When I Come to be Old”. And lastly, also regarding age, here’s a youngster’s Potteresque first impressions of a liquor store.

Happy New Year!

7 thoughts on “Around the Common Room: January 4, 2013

  1. Regarding the boasting about books read, I might have slightly exceeded the average. From my best count, I totaled somewhere between 154 & 170ish books read last year. Not to mention short stories, etc, etc. πŸ™‚

    And the Godzilla Christmas tree rocks!!

    1. My reading list for 2012 says that I read/listened to 120 books, and you can add to this about 350 short stories. I must say I am quite pleased with myself. πŸ™‚

  2. Great collection, Jenna.

    Love, love, love the idea of Rowling as an exiled Rita Skeeter in the fan theories link.

    I was sorry to see that SF author Zenna Henderson wasn’t included with the women writers of the weird. She definitely wrote some weird stories, most of them collected in the book Holding Wonder. I think in particular of Walking Aunt Daid. Perhaps the writer of the article wasn’t aware of Henderson.

    As a voracious reader, and a fast one, I’m up there with you, revgeorge. I read four to five books a week on average. I’m hopeless and related utterly to Problems of a Book Nerd.

  3. Here’s a trivialism: I noticed by browsing the Doctor Who stamps (awesome link, btw, thanks Jenna!) that Eccleston and Tennet are the only two Doctors who share a logo. :c

  4. Great list C Biondi. I especially loved the Star Trek costumes — they did so much with a little gold lame! I’m starting my annual midwinter rereading of HP as cheering potion and I might just add a dash of Star Trek viewing, with special attention to the fashion statements…of course I might overdo it as Ron and Harry did in POA and have to spend a whole hour laughing non-stop πŸ™‚

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