Around the Common Room: November 16, 2012

The interwebs are all about the random this week, it seems, but for the gathering around our common room, we’ll start off with some fantastic literary analysis: Chris Russo’s post titled Unknotting Tangled, in which he talks about the roots of Rapunzel’s story, alchemy, and helicopter parents. Says Professor Russo: “I haven’t enjoyed a Disney film this much since Beauty and the Beast, and as a literature teacher, I haven’t had so much fun exploring the deeper meanings of a Disney film since, well, ever.”

And now that you’ve theoretically got that article opened in another browser tab, here comes the not-oft-connected rest:

Balloon artist Jeremy Telford made his living room into Bag End… entirely by means of balloons. It’s exhausting just watching the stop-motion video, but the final result is stunning.

Seattle, which could probably be fairly called one of the nerd capitals of America, is partially protected by a league of superheroes.

Backing up the previous claim there–Seattle couple Sam Affolter and Cindy Yee recently said “I do” under an arch made of hardback books. They also reportedly marched down the aisle to a mashup of the Bridal Chorus and the Star Wars Imperial March.

And while we’re talking Star Wars, Harrison Ford has apparently expressed interest in coming back as Han Solo despite his age, and Star Wars action figures have made the Toy Hall of Fame (along with Dominoes).

Want to know where your favorite departed author is buried? The Literary Cemetery might have some answers and even a gravestone photo for you.

A ring that belonged to Jane Austen just sold for $236,557. A little out of the average price range, there. Unfortunately, it was definitely out of mine.

The movie adaptation of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer’s The Host, which is coming in March, has a brand new trailer out.

For Harry Potter talk, Not Always Related shows the books solving a translation difficulty and getting in the way of driving lessons. Also, here’s a recipe for Mrs. Potter’s chicken; apparently this refers to an Ann Potter, but maybe she’s a distant relation. If you crave more Potter-and-the-like, there’s some fandom talk available as blogger Masha talks Twilight and Tolkien fandoms and I respond on my own blog with an exultation in Potterdom.

Amazon has picked its best ten books of 2012, and has included Nerdfighter co-founder John Green’s YA novel The Fault in Our Stars.

Finally, here’s a Not-Always-Related for nerds everywhere: Easier Slayed than Done. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Around the Common Room: November 16, 2012

  1. I enjoyed watching the man become the Hobbit in the balloon link, but fair warning, it got my computer into some kind of advertising loop and I had to reboot. So annoying!

  2. Chris Russo’s Tangled post is a must read. He says everything I’ve been saying about this amazing psychological film–alchemy, symbolism, mirrors, dark and light–and more. (Warning, spoilers galore.)

    Every time I see this film–and it’s a favorite–I find new things to appreciate.

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