Around the Common Room: November 2, 2012

viagra order online no prescription>It’s a short week for the Common Room–but the big news is really big. Apart from Hurricane Sandy’s attempt to take down the East Coast, the major headline is that George Lucas is selling Star Wars to Disney, and Disney has definite plans to make more Star Wars movies. Fans went straight into uproar at the word, some of them cheering and others howling. Gail Faschingbauer Cooper at Entertainment at NBCNews says “Star Wars 7 will need The Force to be with it,” the Internet got busy mashing up the two through Twitter’s #DisneyStarWars hash tag and various Photoshop jobs, and George Lucas celebrated by planning to donate most of the proceeds to a philanthropic foundation focused on education.

Various interesting links on the subject: Lucas apparently met with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher about the plans, Joe Mullin at ArsTechnica asks whether Disney’s acquisition of the franchise will put the kibosh on fan films and fiction, to which Lucas himself has been not only friendly but helpful, and Acculturated’s Ben Domenech suggests that Lucas has saved the franchise by firing himself, with interesting commentary on Lucas’ relationship to the writing of the films.

Possibly relevantly, Yoda showed up in one of Off the Mark’s Halloween cartoons.

Finally, in news completely unrelated to Star Wars: Air New Zealand has figured out how to guarantee their passengers pay attention to the flight safety video–at least, unless said passengers loathe the whole Peter Jackson interpretation of Tolkien’s work. It seems that magic rings make it through airport security, anyway.

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7 thoughts on “Around the Common Room: November 2, 2012

  1. The Acculrated articles is very interesting- well written with good perspective across the franchise. I am struck by the personal irony that, because of Halloween costumes (Jedi and Storm Trooper) we decided to start our 7-yeard old boy on Star Wars last weekend, before this announcement. Episode 4, of course, and because of the Hurricane had time to move on to Empire. He’s in love. Can’t wait to watch Jedi. And from a mom perspective, the older ones aren’t as scary because the technology isn’t as immersive, and of course the story is so much better. And now, of course, he’ll be about 10 when these new installments begin- definitely the target audience. 🙂

  2. I’ve kind of gotten beyond being outraged at whatever Lucas does to Star Wars and I doubt I’ll be put out by what Disney does to the story either. I have my memories of the original trilogy. That’s all I need.

  3. Loved, loved, loved the inflight video–entertaining, clever, and funny. That elven flight attendant has that Liv Tyler/Evangeline Lilly thing going, too. I wish all airlines had such videos–so many films to choose from.

  4. I’m not really surprised at Disney buying out Lucas. They’ve had the Star Tours ride at Disneyland since 1987 and have recently updated it. And they have Indiana Jones rides at several parks, which is also another Lucas endeavor.

    I loved the first (the old ones) Star Wars movies and hated the next three that Lucas made. I’ve only watched each of those once – it was all I could take. So I’m not sure how I feel about Disney making more of them. I think, no doubt, they would do a better job because they pay close attention to detail and to the story line. It seems to me that when Lucas made the last three he forgot to do both those things. He was so fascinated with the technology that he didn’t let the story get in the way. And then there was the casting . . . well, that was a disaster for the main characters.

  5. PotterMom05, I love the story about your son. Best wishes to him for many happy years of enjoying Star Wars. I’m rather fond of the three older movies myself.

    revgeorge, yeah. 🙂

    Arabella, LOL on the Darth Vader link. Cute.

    Eeyore, I agree. I’ve got a friend who loves the new trilogy as well as the old, but the pod race was about the only thing I really enjoyed in it. Fortunately, my one viewing of them was a marathon movie night that ended at about five AM, so my memories are all kind of vague. 🙂

    I don’t know if Disney will do a good job, but I think they stand a chance of it for exactly the reasons you stated–presuming it’s the blockbuster crew that handles it, rather than the crew that puts together the made-for-the-Disney-channel kiddo flicks. I do expect to turn out for their first effort, anyway.

  6. Here’s another good Star Wars related article: “How women can save Star Wars.”

    Great analysis of the strong female characters and potential treatment of them by Disney.

    FYI- started Jedi with my son. I can’t believe how into this he has gotten in the past week. It is all he plays, he keeps asking questions about the universe- there really is something about the story that captures the imagination. Or maybe it’s just the light sabers. 🙂

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