Around the Common Room: October 26, 2012

We’re just days away from Halloween, and have a few good links well suited to the holiday. First, Fantasy Faction has quite the aggregation of SFF links and v

ideos, including information on how to zombie-proof your house and dress as a famous work of art for your Halloween party. Kirkus Reviews has a piece up on H.P. Lovecraft, Off the Mark imagines out a soft drink for werewolves, and all the Top [n.] lists of the week seem to be horror-related: 10 massively awesome giant movie monsters, 10 stereotypical horror movie victims, 8 things Hollywood can no longer make creepy, the 15 greatest mad doctors of nerddom, and–in a nicely meta twist–the top 10 lists about horror movies.

Excellent non-Halloween news for Tolkien fans: Mythgard Institute has announced Mythmoot, a Tolkien/The Hobbit conference in Maryland, running December 15 and 16 with a private screening of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. From the site:

Mythmoot begins on Saturday, December 15 with a private 3D, 48 frames-per-second showing of Peter Jackson’s newly released film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. From there, attendees will convene for a series of panel discussions and breakout sessions focused on the film, Tolkien’s book, and the space in between the two. Saturday night is banquet time—something to do Bilbo Baggins proud. The Sunday morning session will comprise presentations of topics developed by conference attendees in the previous day’s sessions; these presentations will be captured and published online after the conference.

And in other news:

Best non-Onion headline I’ve seen in a long time: “Awful author addicted to alliteration achieves acclaim again.” Better yet, it turns out that said author’s works were read aloud as a sort of competition by the Inklings.

The groups who read the most in the U.S. are teens, college age adults, and people in their 30s, according to the Pew Research Center. Eighty-six percent of youths aged 16-17 read books. Along similar lines, MSN’s Mom’s Homeroom asks whether your child should be using an ereader.

Star Wars got a couple of headlines with BookRiot’s “Growing Up With The Force” and io9’s “The Most Insane Star Wars Rumors from the 1980s: Vader Seduces Leia?

YA dystopia fans may want to run over to Entertainment Weekly and watch the trailer for Ally Condie’s Reached, the final book in the Matched trilogy.

For Quote of the Day, io9’s Charlie Jane Anders picks “Novels don’t have to be ‘good reads’. Sometimes, the best book is the one you throw across the room.” Also in reading, the Pearls Before Swine comic demonstrates the emotion that occurs when we Madam Pince types catch someone underlining in one of our treasured books.

Over at The Passive Voice, you can find a video trying–as many others have tried before–to define the difference between science fiction and fantasy.

Lastly, this week in awwww moments: a team of window cleaners dressed up as superheroes and went on rappel for a cleaning job at a children’s hospital. That ought to warm many a heart for the week.

3 thoughts on “Around the Common Room: October 26, 2012

  1. Regarding giant movie monsters, I was raised on Godzilla. Not necessarily on purpose, though. 😉 I was introduced to him through Dr. Sanguinary’s Creature Feature airing on an Omaha station on Saturday nights at midnight. And then you could always count on seeing one Godzilla movie or more on Saturday mornings or afternoons.

    While most of them were campy & ones I don’t really remember all that well, the best is still the first one. And not the crappy Americanized one either. The other one I always liked was The Return of Godzilla, or Godzilla 1985 in the U.S. Watch the original, not the American one.

    If you’ve never seen the original, I highly recommend it. It’s amazing how after all these years how the special effects still hold up and the menace and moodiness of the story do too. Godzilla’s roar can still scare the heck out of me. And for years I would occasionally have Godzilla related dreams.

  2. Loads of cool links–as usual–Jenna!

    It sure was fun to check out the top mad scientists link. I was very glad to see that the scientist from MST3K was on the list. I did see the “Manos: Hands of Fate” episode (truly one of the worst films ever made), and must concur with the article’s author on that one….

    I would have liked to have seen on the list the mad scientist from “The Island of Doctor Moreau” as well as the spin-off version of him on “South Park” (Dr. Mephisto).

    Oh revgeorge, I love old Godzilla movies, too! Good ole’ monster movie week from the 1970s (shown after school each afternoon at the same time for a whole week–five different monster movies). Though I also loved Gamera….

  3. I vaguely remember watching the original Gamera movie many moons ago. It really didn’t hold a candle to Godzilla. But still back when you only had four channels, you watched pretty much whatever came on. 🙂

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