Around the Common Room: September 7, 2012

Before we dive too deeply into the Potter, fantasy, sci-fi, and other geek links of the week, don’t forget to watch for Doctor Who posts from Travis, or to comment on Kris’ series on numerology! I’m headed for Three myself after I get this post up.

In all things Potter:

In other fantasy:

In science fiction:

And in random geekery:

That’s a wrap for the week! Enjoy.

One thought on “Around the Common Room: September 7, 2012

  1. In the article on the 10 most epic love stories in all of science fiction, I liked that they kept it to science fiction. Oftentimes, lists like that get blurred between sci-fi and fantasy.

    That being said, I was only very familiar with the love stories of Sarah Conner & Kyle Reese and, of course, Princess Leia and Han Solo. I never really got into Farscape so while I knew about the romance between Crichton and Sun I really didn’t follow it. Same with Dune. Saw the David Lynch movie numerous times but only read the book once. Mainly because it was terribly boring.

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