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A Site Question

I’m wondering if regular visitors to the site have any indication of recent comments on the site.
I get a very different site experience depending on whether I’m signed in as a moderator or not.

What would help you, as a visitor to keep abreast of any conversation that’s happenning here?


Hello Everyone who likes Butterbeer

There’s a lot of strange folk at the Hogshead…

If you are a long-time local here or if you just poke your head in on the way to Zonko’s please leave a comment and tell us what you’d like to be discussing and in what format.

We haven’t had much discussion for quite a while and we need to be more deliberate- if that’s what we want to do.

Maybe you’d like a general posting area that is like a free-for-all discussion, more topical posts by members and discussion in respose (like we have always done).  We could also migrate completely to the Hogshead Forum (

You may feel that there just isn’t enough of what brought you to the pub still going on to warrant a portion of your time.  That’s fine.  Please drop a comment and let us know.


Playing- Just b’cos

Which Potter character would you/ do you like to dress up as most?

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One of the things I loved doing from when i was a young teen was making costumes and finding excuses to wear them.  It started from when I became interested in role-playing games.  I’d already had an interest in sci-fi from my childhood.  I usually made warrior-type costumes.  I’m doing what I can to get my kids going this way.  I just made this breastplate for my almost three year old son…

arch 002

He cried until I took it off…

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