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The Hobbit: Movie posters look cool

Newly released images for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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Check all the images in a scroll here.


They’ve certainly grabbed the main pieces of what they’re calling the first half of the story:

Bag End, Unexpected Party, Bert Bill and Tom, Elrond reading Thorin’s map in the moonlight, Gollum and the finding of The Ring, Wargs attacking and the rescue by the eagles, Beorn, Sting earning it’s name in Mirkwood, the Wood-Elves realm and escape by barrel to Esgaroth.

Do you see anything else?


Buffy Cuts the Academic Mustard

viagra priceastsmall.jpg” alt=”” width=”256″ height=”182″ />THE ever popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer is not just a slightly odd television show about a high school student who hunts the undead, a new study has found. More than almost any other pop culture property, the series and its assorted spin-offs have been the basis of American PhD papers, according to the American media analyst site, Slate. A rummage through the largest repositories of film and culture studies showed the 144-episode Buffy series from The Avengers director (and writer) Joss Whedon had more than twice as many research papers, essays in scholarly journals and books printed by university presses devoted to it than the Alien films, The Wire, The Matrix trilogy and even The Simpsons. “There is so much written about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it’s bone-breakingly weird,” said Gary Handman, media centre director at the University of California, Berkeley. “Oddly, Mad Men doesn’t have a lot written about it.” For those who can’t get enough of vampire slaughtering, the sociological, psychological and philosophical dissections of Buffy have been coalesced into the online journal called Slayage.

Thanks Black Angus

The best/worst-delivered lines in the original Star Wars Trilogy?

I’ve been thinking about Star Wars and the acting therein.
There’s some real stinkers in the series and

episodes 1-3 are too heavy with offending dialogue to bother with.
So, initially, let’s keep it to the original trilogy (ep 4-6).

There’s also some gems in there, so share what’s special to you, too.

Maybe, you can even give us your reasons or advice to the actors.
Punch it, Chewie!