6 thoughts on “Best in Class: Scary Movies

  1. Yes, the photos were all very convincing. However, I do have a couple of quibbles. First, Zombies seem to have gotten an unfair representation on this pol, i.e. ,” Slow Zombies” versus” Fast Zombies”! It seems a bit unfair to the other monsters, who did not get any such consideration. 😉
    Secondly, I’m not sure that I agree that Rosemary’s Baby is more frightening than The Exorcist.

  2. Yeah, that monster seems to have a certain je-ne-sais-pas-quoi. Not as scary as the marshmallow man, though.

    Not to provoke any sibling rivalry, I thought that The Omen might have given Rosemary’s Baby a run for its money. And although I haven’t seen Poltergeist, I’d think that The Haunting would be another good contender in that category. And although The Thing was fingernail-biting scary, shouldn’t Predator get honorable mention in that category?

    They should have had categories for sexiest vampire flic and coolest cyborg/robot flic.

  3. Weren’t there zombies in The Omega Man with Charlton Heston? Or were they mutants? Best Post apocalyptic mutants should be a category. The Omen is clearly a better movie than Rosemary’s Baby, (that is the scariest graveyard scene in all of history) so is The Exorcist. Revgeorge, not to impinge on your Godzilla lovefest in any way, your beloved monster was just a little too squishy for me to be frightened of him.

    Now for sexiest vampire – I believe it hasn’t been seen yet. I read on MTV that Alexander Skarsgard is going to appear unclothed in the first episode of season 3 of True Blood. (Purrrrr!) I think I’ll have to cave in and get HBO.

  4. It wasn’t so much the Godzilla monster that was frightening in & of itself but the ambiance of the original 1954 movie. The stark, bleak message and the devastation of Tokyo, so much reminiscent & very present on the minds of the Japanese of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki & the idea that humanity has released something very much beyond its control. I never thought of it until I was reading a wikipedia article but it seems very much like monster film noir. Anyway, best to see the original Japanese version Gojira rather than the Americanized versions with Raymond Burr.

  5. If Eric is going to get naked, then they must be televising Dead to the World which is my favorite book (although I understand the show doesn’t follow the books closely).

    In order to enhance your enjoyment, you need to watch the earlier seasons and/or read the previous books. Because the whole point of Eric in DttW is the contrast between that version and the regular manipulative, deceptive and largely self-serving Eric – besides the getting naked part, of course.

    However, until that happens, my vote is still with Underworld and the amazing Ms. Beckinsale and her black latex bodysuit.

  6. Fricka, I agree that zombies got too much pull in this poll. Zombies were never really my favorite monster anyway. The two best zombie pieces for me are “Dial Z for Zombies” from The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror III and the South Park episode “Pinkeye.” All other zombie movies pale in comparison to those two. 🙂

    Never really saw much of Rosemary’s Baby so I would definitely give the nod to The Exorcist. Plus, there was a classic skit on Saturday Night Live on The Exorcist. Never saw The Omen but again there was a good SNL skit with John Belushi as Damien.

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