Hog’s Head Conversations

Keep checking back here. This will be a sort of “main page” for Hog’s Head Conversations, where we’ll be hosting chapter by chapter discussions on the essays by the great contributors to the essay collection.

Hog’s Head Conversations: Essays on Harry Potter
Edited by Travis Prinzi
with contributions from Colin Manlove, John Granger. Amy H. Sturgis, and more!
Zossima Press, 2009

Hog's Head Conversations

“Aberforth! Two more fire whiskeys for these friends!” Welcome, HARRY POTTER readers, to the Hog’s Head,the gathering place for members of Dumbledore’s Army and the historic rallying point before the Battle of Hogwarts. We scholars of the Hogwarts Saga (Harry Potter’s triumph over the Dark Lord) have come together here to share our researches on the meaning of Harry’s seven adventures. Listen attentively to discover hidden secrets of the series and learn why the books are worthy to be studied more closely! Sip that fire whiskey slowly. Sit back and enjoy the ten best Hog’s Head conversations of the past year, edited into this handy collection. And don’t forget to throw your peanut shells to the goat in the corner.

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