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Meanwhile, in Diagon Alley…

In case you every wondered what writers do all day–well…we write, mostly. Even when there’s boggarts in the closet and nargles in the pub, we still scramble around and find ways to write and edit and do other writerly, blog-type things. To put it another way,¬†the¬†Blogengamot has all found ways of keeping busy while the Pubs been undergoing its exorcisms (if that’s the word I want).

Let me introduce you, if I may, to one of those other projects, a joint venture between Mr Pond (speaking!) and Jenna, as well as remarkable people like Katherine Langrish, friend of the Pub. Revgeorge has also been known to wander in from time to time. It’s a blog and literary journal called Unsettling Wonder,¬†devoted to folklore and fairy tale of all types, but especially the slightly stranger, lesser-known, more unexpected types.

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No More Fairy Tales — and that’s good?

She ain't no Disney Princess! But she's still Cinderella.

If you care about fairy tales, or if you care about movies, or especially if you care about fairy tale movies, you probably heard the news long before I did.

Disney Animation, that bastion of childhood innocence and crass commercialism–

Disney Animation, that beloved, abhorred creative teller of fairy tales–

Disney Animation, who revived Broadway with fairy tales and inspired thousands, nay, millions of wannabe princesses around the world–

Disney Animation has announced they will tell no more fairy tales.Or, for that matter, musicals.

After this mind-bending corporate decision in November, an insightful piece ran in the LA Times, wherein the execs explain some of their reasoning. Continue reading