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The First (Annual?) Mythgard Institute Webathon

The Mythgard Institute was founded in 2011 to bring rigorous, dynamic and interactive educational experiences to students around the world through the latest online course tools while also boasting challenging and engaging classes taught by world-class teachers and leading scholars of literature and language. The Institute’s courses welcome both auditors and students working towards an M.A. degree. Now, two years after this unexpected journey began, Mythgard’s students would like to give something back to this groundbreaking organization.

On Sunday September 22nd, Tolkien Day, Mythgard will host its first-ever student led webathon to support the Mythgard Academy Indiegogo campaign. The Mythgard Academy offers free content on literature and language to everyone in the form of courses, lectures and podcasts. You know how these things work: The more they raise, the more free stuff we all get! There are great perks for the various donation levels, including votes towards what course topics will be offered.

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Hobbits & Gaming & Film, Oh My!

Consider submitting a paper proposal for Mythmoot II, to be held in the Baltimore, MD area December 14-15, 2013. Moot-goers will view a special screening of the 2nd Peter Jackson Hobbit film, and attend informative and entertaining sessions with scholars and fans. Papers can be on any fantasy topic (Harry Potter anyone?), with areas of special interest including The Hobbit (naturally), fantasy games & gaming, and adaptations of fantasy in television, film, art & music. Proposal deadline is August 18th. Read the #mythmoot CFP here!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Review

the-hobbit-an-unexpected-journeyI should start with the disclosure that I liked Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. Not being a purist of any kind when it comes to film adaptations of books, I don’t mind changes for the sake of making it work on film, or even changes just for the sake of changes, a filmmaker putting her or his artistic touch on the story. None of that bothers me. So I loved Lord of the Rings. I even went to “Trilogy Tuesday” and watched all three movies in a theater, back to back.

So I was excited about The Hobbit. I’d wanted del Toro to direct this and was initially upset to learn Jackson was taking over. But that gave way to cautious optimism, and I arrived at the theater 40 minutes before midnight on the 13th. I decided to see the film in conventional 2D, no high frame rate. I need a second viewing, but after this first one, as I was walking out of the theater, I pulled up my Facebook app, and simply typed in the status box: “Peter Jackson. No.”  Continue reading