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The Mirror of Erised and Existentialism

Here is a special guest post by Dr. Joel Hunter, who teaches in the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University. His post discusses

the context and content of his article “Kierkegaard’s Mirror (of Erised)“:

My article in Reason Papers is a follow-up research paper to the general argument I presented in the essay on technological anarchism published in Travis Prinzi’s collection Harry Potter for Nerds. The gist of my approach to the HP saga in the previous article is to draw a close correspondence between magic in the world of HP and technology in our world, with particular attention to its social effects. Once that close connection is established, we have a basis to compare how magic affects the HP world with how technology affects our world.

The Mirror of Erised presents one of the most suggestive magical devices in the series because its primary effect is precisely anti-social. It amplifies any narcissistic moral defect that might be lurking in the folds of one’s heart. A sociological analysis, therefore, seems less amenable to exploring the Mirror’s meaning.

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Harry Potter for Nerds

Harry Potter for Nerds might be my favorite publication so far, and it launched with zero fanfare, a gigantic publishing error, and a long pause in printing. The “zero fanfare” was 100% my fault, and the publishing glitch was some kind of … well, glitch. Half of Jenna’s essay was missing! This has been corrected for a month or so now, and I’m happy to say that you can get Harry Potter for Nerds in paperback, Kindle, or Nook editions!

What’s in the book? Well, essays by three Blogengamot members for starters (me, Jenna St. Hilaire, and Mr. Pond, whose fake publication name is John Patrick Pazdziora. OK, it’s the other way around). The cover was designed by another Blogengamot member: Aaron J. Smith. There are essays by Potter Pundits John Granger and James Thomas, as well as by HogPro All-Pro Elizabeth Baird Hardy. There’s also one on Wizarding swearing. It’s a fun book.

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Harry Potter For Nerds eBook Now Available!

Earlier, you got the news that the Harry Potter books were now available in ebook format.

While you’re filling up your Kindle with the seven novels, click on over to Harry Potter for Nerds and add that to your Kindle as well! For the first time, one of my books is available on Kindle!

With essays by The Hog’s Head’s own Jenna St. Hilaire and Mr. Pond, as well as favorites like John Granger and James W. Thomas, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy!

When Book Trailers Attack

That is to say, what happens when a publisher teams up with an “up and coming” filmmaker to make a book trailer for a new fantasy novel? Well, we’ll find out in a minute. But first, what about book trailers? They’re basically what they sound like, a trailer for a book like the trailers for movies. Except usually more sedate, or boring as I saw referenced somewhere.

Anyway, here are a few links to book trailers for books you might be familiar with. After these links, I’ll put up the one I reference in starting this post.

Harry Potter and Imagination by one Travis Prinzi.

Hogshead Conversations by Travis Prinzi.

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Around the Common Room 5 August 2011

korg20000BC had a great idea the other day; at least I thought so. I’ve always tried to come up with a different name for each post of miscellaneous stuff I post up, but it’s simpler and probably more efficient to just call it all Around the Common Room. 🙂

In some really great news for Harry Potter literary nerds and geeks, Harry Potter for Nerds: Essays for Fans, Academics, and Lit Geeks by Travis Prinzi, Pub proprietor, is now out and available for purchase!!

From the Amazon product description: ‘Harry Potter for Nerds’ is a collection of the most exciting ideas from twelve Hogwarts Professors about the world’s best selling books. Travis Prinzi, author of ‘Harry Potter and Imagination’ and webmaster at The Hog’s Head, has tapped his Potter Pundit friends in Fandom and at better universities around the country for their insights about the literary magic of the seven novels, from their ring composition to the symbolism of the planets, from the Dante, Spencer, and MacDonald echoes to exploration of the meanings of magic and technology. Profound and far-reaching as these ideas are, the essays are all written in accessible style and tone. Serious readers of Harry Potter will delight in the conversation each chapter offers with another lover of the Hogwarts Saga and its greater depths.

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I Want to Be Harry Potter

I’ve been talking just a bit about my newest book, I Want to Be Harry Potter, which I’m aiming to have finished in time for Infinitus 2010 this July.

I wanted to share the current draft of the outline with the pub months in advance. The writing process is coming along nicely, but as you’re all very smart people, I figured you could give me some feedback based on the table of contents. Have I missed an important character? Any questions about what I’m doing with this? Note that I’ve only titled a few of the chapters. (Feel free to suggest titles! Just be aware I might not use them.)

Presently and for just a limited time, there is a unique option for pre-ordering the book. For $50, you will get an autographed copy, your name included in the book’s acknowledgements, a free e-book copy, and I’m hoping to get your autographed copy to you a few weeks before it’s officially released. Use the “Buy Now” button at the bottom of this post, or donate $50 using the “Donate” button in the sidebar to qualify.

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