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We’re all passionate about Potter, and we all have beliefs we hold dearly. I have tried my best to make this a place of calm, sane, respectful discussion, and interest of continuing to promote that, I offer the following basic rules for discussion:

  • The author of any given post has the power of a moderator and discretion to determine when a thread is off-topic or not. This is subjective and not all readers might agree, but the moderator is hosting the conversation; out of respect for the people we’ve asked to write for the site, the Blogengamot will not overturn an author or moderator’s decision. Truculence and refusal to abide by an moderator’s request creates an atmosphere of hostility and selfishness, and closes down group participation in comment threads.
  • No personal attacks. Ever. This includes namecalling, insinuations of stupidity, unfounded accusations and criticisms, rude sarcasm, or attempted psychological evaluations of commenters.
  • Be aware of your tone, or how your words might be perceived, when responding to someone. If you’re uncertain, either reword, or use an emoticon to clarify. (I hate emoticons, but in the interest of keeping things light-hearted, go ahead and use them.)
  • If you have a problem with the behavior, tone, or comments of someone, assume the best and ask clarifying questionsbefore making accusations. Most conflicts could be resolved this way, long before people start getting snarky. Seek understanding; don’t jump to criticism.
  • When responding to someone in particular, use their screen name; it would also be helpful to use bold html tags (before the name, put “strong” in between these brackets < >, and after the name, put /strong in between the same brackets), but it is not required.
  • Keep language to a PG-level. Anything stronger will be censored by me.
  • Simply put, respond to people in the same way you’d want them to respond to you. Check your attitude at the pub door, and come on in for some reasonable discussion.
  • The Hog’s Head main blog is not a place for character role-playing. This distracts from the conversation that happens and invariably takes us off-topic. If you want to show up to The Hog’s Head as a character from the books, please take it to the forum.

Violation of rules will result in one warning from me and the deletion of the offending part of your comment. Further violation may result in either a suspension (come back in 2 weeks after you’ve cooled down) or being banned from the blog altogether. I’ll also consider only suspending or banning you from certain threads/subjects which really rile you up.

5 thoughts on “Discussion Rules

  1. Pankaj, to hyperlink: use the bracket, like you would for bold or italics – < Inside the bracket, use this code - a href="" with the full URL in between the quotes. Then close bracket - >

    Then put the words you want hyperlinked after the close bracket.

    Finally, use the following to close the code, without spaces: < / a >

  2. That was always way too complicated for me. I’m glad I’m a member of the Blogengamot ’cause I can go in & edit my own comment in WordPress which is much easier. 🙂

  3. I have been seeing a good many problems with the audio on the PubCasts, Many episodes have lost their audio files. I have sent 4
    emails so far regarding this. Could you check and make sure the sound is there on all episodes?

  4. How about the Snarry idea? Snape & Harry = Best Couple EVER. IDK, this idea just makes me so happy though 🙂

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