Godzilla Is Coming to Town

 Well, the new trailer for the 2014 Godzilla movie is coming to town. Well, it’s actually already arrived and boy does it look good. Even to me, and I’m usually quite cynical and pessimistic about remakes, especially when they involve things I love. But I’ve watched the trailer at least five times now and am quite optimistic. They at least appear to be taking Godzilla seriously.

Take a look at the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet and let us know your thoughts on it.

3 thoughts on “Godzilla Is Coming to Town

    1. Thanks for posting that, Carrie-Ann. Besides being a great song & video, it led me to a review of the trailer, which lead me to a comment on that review, which in turn gave me the best possible reason for going to see The Hobbit in theater which is they might play the Godzilla trailer beforehand.

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