Harry Potter eBooks Now Available!!!!!

News today that the Pottermore Shop opened and all the Harry Potter eBooks are available!!  I’m slightly excited.  Well, as my wife might note, I’m shaking right now and can’t calm down.  And I’ve already bought all the eBooks and downloaded them to my Kindle Fire. Happy, happy, happy!!

The first three books are priced at $7.99 and the rest are priced at $9.99. You can buy a bundle of them for $57.54. The pricing is also available for British Pounds and for Euros. I tried to buy the Great Britain English versions but they wouldn’t let me, so I’ve got the American English ones. Plus, the audiobooks are also available to purchase as downloads.

The process was fairly seamless. It would’ve gone quicker if my hands hadn’t been shaking so much. Anyway, you need to set up an account on the Pottermore Shop. Select the items you want and then checkout. You’ll enter your credit card information and are given the choice to save that for future use at the shop. Then it asks what format you would like, i.e. Sony, Nook, or Kindle, etc. They have a wide availability of compatible devices. For me, it was Amazon Kindle. Then they asked if I wanted to link my purchases to my Amazon account which I did. Then I sent the books to my Amazon account. They showed up automatically on my Kindle Fire and downloaded immediately. They look good. Haven’t checked my Kindle Keyboard yet but I assume the process will be similar. [Update: The eBooks did automatically push across onto my Kindle Keyboard too.]

Have I mentioned I’m happy about all this? Finally!!! 🙂 Anyway, here’s the place where I originally saw that the eBooks were available.



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  1. Thanks for posting this! I am pleased to see that they will let me buy the British editions of the books, I was afraid you might only be able to purchase the ebooks in your own language. Heading over to Pottermore now…

  2. Okay, so I am stuck on checkout because for some reason my payment can’t be proceeded. Will try again tomorrow. If I ever succeed to sign in again because of those pesky graphics I am barely able to read.

  3. Thanks! I just hope I’ll be able to purchase the Bloomsbury editions, since that was one big reason I wanted the ebooks.

  4. No, I got a message saying it was unavailable in my country. A serious disappointment, though I suppose I’ll get the ebooks anyhow.

  5. Except the store won’t let me add the UK English books to my basket, saying they’re not available in my country. Maybe other parts of American can get them but not Western Nebraska.

  6. Yeah, it was disappointing to not be able to get the UK English eBooks but that didn’t stop me from immediately buying the US English versions. I’ll just continue to work on getting the paper versions in UK English. Up to GOF on that end.

  7. Well this is good news, but not being able to get editions you want is riddikulus…er, ridiculous. I hope this changes, because I want the British editions. Guess I’ll wait and see before buying.

  8. Is it possible that I here in Australia could buy the British editions on your behalf and then send them to you?

    We use the British editions here.

  9. Maybe a different publisher gets royalties with the different editions and have a deal that only their editions are sold in their respective country.

  10. Well, you might be waiting & seeing for a while, Arabella. These geographic restrictions are usually pretty set in stone.

    korg, I’ve heard people speculating about that, sending the books as gifts but I’m not sure if it will work. I watch some sites that might eventually tell us that.

  11. Korg, that occured to me about publishers and royalties. Scholastic has to get theirs, I suppose. But it’s sure a disappointment. I’d really hoped to get “Mom,” etc., out of the SS text and the Britishisms in.

    I’ll probably buy the ebooks soon, before the price goes up. Cyberspace is getting more expensive all the time. 😉

  12. Snuzin, I just checked & it appears the same geographic restrictions apply on the audiobooks too. I much prefer the Fry versions over the Dale ones, but them’s the breaks, I guess.

    Although I wonder if my wife would let me fly to England, get an Internet address there, download the books as epub files, then fly home with them? I’m guessing not.

  13. Yeah – I just checked too. Why oh WHY did I not buy the GB audio CDs while I was in London a few years ago? Oh, yes. No room in my bag next to the other 15 British books I’d bought and had to lug all the way back to Atlanta. Sigh. I just listened to the Stephen Fry excerpt and it has quite a different feel. I do enjoy the Jim Dale version though.

    Goodness – don’t they realize how much more they could make by freeing up the purchasing possibilities?

  14. You didn’t hear it from me (partly because I haven’t tested it, partly because downloading issues always may or may not have legal ramifications I’m not prepared to get into), but I heard from a little bird named Neil Gaiman about some software called TunnelBear. Apparently it makes the Internet think you’re located in the UK, or the U.S., or wherever, so you can access whatever country’s specific content you like. (For the geekily inclined, it looks to be essentially a user-friendly VPN client.)

    That doesn’t let the publishers off for not realizing there’s a clamoring (clamouring?) market across the pond, but it may be helpful for those of you who don’t want to spring for airfare.

  15. Part of the problem is, that for the most part, publishers don’t understand eBooks nor do they particularly like them.

    It’s not entirely their fault, though, since it’s also a function of technology outpacing old geographic/territorial restrictions. For example, much of U.S. telecommunications law seems to operate with the assumption that we’re still in the 1930’s. It’s taken me forever & a day to get access to local Denver channels on my satellite dish because even though I’m only four hours away from Denver I lived across some arbitrary line that separated me into another territory, which of course didn’t have local channels for anything available.

    Anyway, part of it is legal restrictions, part of it is ignorance & dislike of new technology.

  16. My hands are shaking too! I got all 7 of them and they are on my Kindle. Thank you for the directions as I am very squeamish about ordering things over the internet for fear I’ll buy the wrong thing and send it to China or something.

    I must say, whoever advised ms Rowling on the purple background with the low contrast made a grave error. It is hard to look at that page for any length of time with out my eyes crossing.

  17. So, here are is a really nice explanation of the file formats and transefers, http://blog.booksontheknob.org/2012/03/harry-potter-ebooks-arrive.html that I got from Pub patronAlly. I have not downloaded the books yet because I don’t have an e-reader (shocking for a librarian, I know), except kindle on my phone, which is just too small for pleasant reading. I was very pleased with the price, and I would like to use this opportunity to get the British versions, since I have most of the American editions in print already. And I’m impressed that the site did not blow up, considering how much traffic it’s had today. Dare we say “well done, Pottermore“? 😉

  18. MobileRead has a method by which you can purchase the UK English editions while still living in the States. I hypothetically could’ve used this method & had it work for me.

  19. Have all 7 of them on my Kindle now. 🙂 There are issues with this shop, though. It first told me I couldn’t send them to my Kindle because this option wasn’t available in my country (huh!?) and when I tried the direct download of Philosopher’s Stone, it gave me back an “Access Denied” but still removed one download from the 8 possible downloads. I don’t know if I should complain to the shop (maybe I should). Then, the link to Amazon suddenly worked and I could send them to my account.

    I am glad I already own the audiobooks on CD, so I won’t be tempted to buy them from Pottermore.

  20. Well, hopefully Rowling & Pottermore are happy, as I now own the full set of both the American English & the UK English versions of the books.

    PS So much for piracy of eBooks, at least among us Potter fanatics. Even though I could’ve had decent pirated copies of the eBooks years ago, I’ve bought the legal versions…twice! In addition to four of the paper versions of the UK versions, a set of the American versions with some in both hardback & paperback, & then a whole set of the Blu-Ray movies. Oh, and I also bought the UK English eBooks for my wife. 🙂

  21. so are you all saying that it is simple to order the UK books from pottermore or do I have to jump through hoops?( I have the American set already)

    and while I am on here, a friend from Russia wants to know how he can get The Hunger Games in English… I told him to try changing the country on the amazon page and see what he got. I am not very computer literate so I don’t know if that is possible. Any tips?

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