Hog’s Head PubCast #74: The Fiddler’s Gun

Interview with A.S. Peterson; Hog’s Head news; forthcoming PubCasts

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The last few words of this podcast get cut off due to uploading difficulties. You didn’t miss anything important in that last sentence or two. I’ll upload a replacement file as soon as I can.

2 thoughts on “Hog’s Head PubCast #74: The Fiddler’s Gun

  1. Thank you, Travis, for posting this podcast. I’m currently about 1/3 of the way through “The Fiddler’s Gun” and I have to admit that I’ve run into an exasperating situation: life keeps getting in the way of my being able to read as much as I want at one time.

    This book has turned out to be extremely engaging, with characters that evoke almost tangible personalities. A.S. Peterson has managed to articulate this story in such a way that one finds it hard to believe the characters about whom he has written are not real people.

    Like you Travis, my favorite character is Bartimaeus. I fell in love with the fact that he was so “blind”, but much like Bartimaeus in the Bible, came to “see”, and tried to live his life with new eyes. Bartimaeus will be forever endeared to me in my heart. There were several times when I actually cried like a baby while reading about Bartimaeus and how he related to Fin.

    I’m excited to have this book in my possession and sincerely hope that many others will soon hold it in their own hands. It’s truly a beautiful book, inside and out!

  2. I’m finally listening to this (the pubcast makes stuffing envelopes at work so much more enjoyable).
    We’re grateful to you too, Travis, for all your hard work on this site!

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