Hog’s Head PubCast #32: Voldemort: Shadow, Sociopath, Sinner

hogshead.jpgA threefold look at Voldemort: Literary (Shadow/Symbol of Evil), Psychological (Sociopath/Narcissistic Personality Disorder), and Ethical (Sinner/Moral Culpability).

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8 thoughts on “Hog’s Head PubCast #32: Voldemort: Shadow, Sociopath, Sinner

  1. Travis, that was excellent. Thanks so much for posting it. There is so much to think about with the nature of evil, how it’s represented in all the books, and you’ve brought out some very interesting parallels of characters and situations, and how it all works in the books, as well as how it applies to our own lives.

    I can see why some said this was their favorite of the conference.


  2. I don’t know if anybody’s seen the film “Girl Interrupted”? The character of Lisa kind of reminds me of Voldemort.


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