Identify the Quote and receive Kudos

I suppose that there is nothing that braces one more thoroughly than the forces of darkness stubbing their toe

If you know the author and book, show us how widely read you are.
If not, have fun and guess.

12 thoughts on “Identify the Quote and receive Kudos

  1. I’m going to guess that it’s a British author, and one with a sense of humour, but beyond that, I couldn’t say.

  2. I’m scanning through some old Jeeves books, but I’m worse than Wooster at rightly remembering quotes. It is clear why J. K. R. would take P. G. W. for her desert island library!

  3. Ah! This sounds so familiar! Or am I imagining it? I’m going to guess Princess and the Goblin, because I read that recently and it sounds a little Macdonald like ( especially with the toe thing). Although, I don’t remember too much humor in the novel..

  4. I have this week been re-reading George MacDonald’s “The Shadows” The quote is not MacDonald, IMHO.
    Perhaps someone can help! I have been looking for: A Scot’s Christmas story or Papa’s story. If anyone can direct me online I can not find this it’s either a chapter in one of the books or a short in one of the collections. I have been searching…
    advanced thanks, R. Ross

  5. Ok, enough time has passed.

    If you’re still interested in kudos I’m sending it Viktor’s way.

    Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves- P.G. Wodehouse

  6. I got sidetracked re-reading “My Man Jeeves” and never found the quote. Funny thing is, although I have read several Jeeves books, I’ve never read “Stiff Upper Lip”. I supposed Jeeves based on knowing of J. K. Rowling’s intense love for Wodehouse + the quote sounded like him.

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