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parchmentThe essays written by the Blogengamot members can be searched in several ways.  You can use the Google Search on the sidebar of the main page.  You can look through the Tag Cloud on the sidebar as well.  Or, you could visit theArchives page, where all previous posts are organized by date as well as by category.

Along with writing for The Hog’s Head, Travis wrote articles on Harry Potter for before an early retirement from that establishment:

Below are offsite articles by other authors who have either contributed significantly to HP studies, or have taken up the defense of the series against unreasonable criticism (and by that, I’m referring to the ban-Potter for religious reasons types).  I have taken down the articles that were primarily speculations on Book 7.

  • Book Binders – John Granger discusses Harry Potter and the Great Books. Fantastic article.
  • The Alchemist’s Tale – Literary alchemy is probably the most important (and under-appreciated) issue to understanding the Harry Potter series. John Granger gives us a great introduction in this Touchstone article.
  • Pro Harry Potter – Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, writes a letter to the administration of the Chrsitian school where he’s employed, in favor of the novels.
  • The Good Spell of Harry Potter – Leif (Eric) Rigney of the BHT writes an excellent essay in defense of the books for children – even Christian ones.
  • Harry for Catholics? – Regina Doman tackles the issue.
  • Harry Potter is a Hobbit – Amy H. Sturgis, PhD. This is a pdf file.
  • Saints and Serpents – Echoes of an age-old war in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, by Jonathan King.
  • Harry Potter and the Charmed Christians, Part I and Part II – LaShawn Barber defends Harry Potter from a Christian perspective.

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