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  1. Hello! I’ve been trolling links (to avoid real work)and came upon your site. I am so glad you liked my Mrs. DD essay! The conspicous lack of family information makes me quite suspicious.

    I wonder — is Dumbledore the driver of the Hogwarts Express? There are certainly a handful of “I must speak to the driver” lines in cannon.

  2. AS much as I love the idea, wouldn’t someone somewhere have pointed this out at sometime to Harry? I mean, DD is one of the most central characters in the book, as well as one of the most well known. If DD had a wife, wouldn’t it have been mentioned? Wouldn’t we have heard about her at some point? Not at the Ootp meetings, or from one of Harry’s various friends? Saying that, I am not averse to the possibility of DD having a wife. Do you think it could also be a girlfriend/cousin/sister or something also though?

  3. I noticed something funny in POA. You get into the tunnel via the humpy witch and Harry notes that the opening is only big enough for a thin person. So maybe is enchanted that was so DD can visit the Misses, but his plump spouse cannot drop by Hogwarts….unexpectedly.

    Sure, she could be his girlfriend. I think DD know the value of an extra set of undercover eyes on Hogsmeade.

  4. Hey, professor mum (professor?hmmm….) I love your essay about the Mrs. Dumbledore, but again, I have a few problems with it. Personally, I would more be leaning towards the witch being DD’s girlfriend or other relative. IMO, it would be both unlikely and difficult to keep a Mrs. DD and kids under wraps without at least getting a peak at them during the first 6 books this is because.
    1. Other people would have known, and at least mentioned it. For example, we get bits and pieces about Aberforth, DD’s brother, and Harry himself is shown a picture in OoTP. It would be very diffucult for DD, one of the most famous and powerful wizards, to have a wife and there be NO conversation about her. E.g. she’s never mentioned in any connection to DD. Especially at the funeral, if DD was married with children, wouldn’t you have people consoling them, or at least have them participating in some way in the funeral?How could they not, or how could others not know about it, how could there not be some piece of dialouge showing us his family at the end of his life?
    2. The order is a family organization. There are so many members who have other family members….the Longbottoms, the Prewetts, the Bones, even Harry’s parents, the Weasleys’. It seems that only those who were either too afraid or didn’t support the Order were the only family members not to play some role. As an accomplished sweetmaker, you would expect Mrs. DD to be in the kitchen, preparing food for the order members , but instead we see Mrs. Weasly doing it. Even if she was not particularly accomplished, I could not see her not taking part in some way. This is because
    3. There were so many others who let their loved ones die. Lily was not kept out of the order on James orders. Neither was Mrs. Longbottom. These wives stepped right in and fought side by side with their husbands and other members. I could not see DD telling his wife to stay home, and to hide her existence in fear of retribution from LV. Honestly, I don’t think that DD could watch all these other families while he protects his own. Even Harry, who seems to be the closest friend he has(next to Snape????) he allows to fight LV at the tender age of 11.
    3. I’ve always seen DD as a lonely person. I don’t know why, but I always felt that this may be why he has such a close connection with Harry. Although his parents may not have been killed by dark wizards (who know? mabye they were) he is lonely because his intelligence makes him so different. (The same also goes for people like Snape, Lupin and Hagrid) However, I have always felt that Harry was the one he most cared for.
    The evidence for the Hogwarts express lady being his wife is tenous at best. Simply that
    a. She’s a sweet lady
    b. DD likes sweets
    The link between honeydukes and hogwarts is a good point, but we don’t even know if she works for Honeydukes. There is little HARD evidence to support it.
    Who knows? Maybe I’m wrong. I’m just playing devils advocate ;)Maybe I’m right. That’s not to take away from a great theory though.

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