Hobbits & Gaming & Film, Oh My!

Consider submitting a paper proposal for Mythmoot II, to be held in the Baltimore, MD area December 14-15, 2013. Moot-goers will view a special screening of the 2nd Peter Jackson Hobbit film, and attend informative and entertaining sessions with scholars and fans. Papers can be on any fantasy topic (Harry Potter anyone?), with areas of special interest including The Hobbit (naturally), fantasy games & gaming, and adaptations of fantasy in television, film, art & music. Proposal deadline is August 18th. Read the #mythmoot CFP here!

About Kris Swank

Kris Swank is Library Director at Pima Community College, Northwest Campus, and studies fantasy literature at the Mythgard Institute. She has contributed to Tolkien Studies, Mythlore and Silver Leaves journals, has published fantasy poetry, a Minoan murder mystery, and co-authored an epic fantasy short story for the Swedish music CD, Radio Rivendell Compliation, Vol. 2: The Book of War.

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