New J.K. Rowling Book Already Available!

cuckooIt’s true! She published a crime novel under the pseudonym “Robert Galbraith.” It’s gotten great reviews.

Leaky has the whole story.

Amazon link here.

It’s already downloaded to my iPad, and I will read till I fall asleep and pick it back up in the morning.

Happy reading, all! George mentioned “Christmas in July” in the last post. Indeed.

13 thoughts on “New J.K. Rowling Book Already Available!

  1. The book looks good and I liked the Kindle sample enough to buy it. But then, I also liked The Casual Vacancy a lot. It’s different, but I guess I will read anything she wrote. 😉

  2. Good for her, for publishing under a pseudonym. I’m happy she’s gotten good reviews and “Mystery Debut of the Month” without anyone knowing who wrote it.

    I really cringed reading so many hateful reviews of The Casual Vacancy. If it had been published under a pseudonym, the only people who would have read it would have been those interested that type of book. It was a good book; I liked it, and I would have liked it if I had found it in another way. But it was not a book for the whole world, like Harry Potter was.

    When I heard the rumor in the past that JKR was writing a crime novel, I thought she would be great at that genre. I really can’t wait to read it.

    1. I cannot agree more. I also believe that The Casual Vacancy would have got more positive reviews if it had been published under a pen name. I have read a bit in the new book this afternoon, and after three chapters I think that her writing has improved even more. I am pretty sure I will like this book, too.

  3. !!!!!!!!!!

    I didn’t have time for much internet-checking yesterday, and totally missed this!

    A mystery novel sounds like fun, and cheers to her for trying the pseudonym thing. I’ve been putting off TCV… I like to space out my depressing reading a little… but I might just go track down this one.

  4. The audiobook is read by Robert Glenister. I was thinking about getting it instead of the ebook, but I went for the Kindle version (for the time being – I like to get audiobooks for re-reading purposes these days).

    I didn’t read too much this week, but I am 38% into the ebook. It is good, very character-centered with a sympathetic protagonist. Very different from The Casual Vacancy, I’d say.

    1. Robert Glenister has an excellent voice for a crime/detective novel.
      I particularly liked his roles in Spooks and Hustle.

      1. I never listened to any of his narrations as I mostly listen to SF and fantasy audiobooks. I will listen to the Audible sample again if I like the book enough to get the audiobook as well. I still like it so far (58% read).

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