10 thoughts on “New Poll: Does Pottermore live up to your expectations?

  1. The Pub is back!!!! *happy dance, shooting sparks skyward*

    Pottermore lived up to my expectations. Said expectations were not crazy high. It was fun, but not so much fun that I’ve dropped everything to spend hours on the site. I got Sorted, and learned a lot about the Hufflepuff common room, but no game is ever going to provide the Hogwarts experience that the books themselves give me. So, yeah.

  2. I’m about where Jenna is on this. I didn’t think it would be anything amazing, and it wasn’t. I never progressed beyond the first book and don’t feel any pressing need to do so. Maybe some day.

  3. It is SO wonderful to see the Hogshead back!!!

    I voted “yes” on Pottermore living up, because it was about what I expected. I actually liked the user name they gave me. I got my wand and I got sorted into Gryffindor. That was all I wanted. I haven’t gone any further.

    Although I wish there was some way to read JKR’s additional information without having to “play” for it. It’s always nice to hear from her and her imagination. But I don’t have time to go through all the chapters on Pottermore— I, also, prefer to spend the time rereading the books. They are brilliant.

  4. I voted “no”. It was nice to get sorted and to get a wand and I really love the extra bits from J. K. Rowling, but I find it a bit tedious to wade through all the screens and sometimes to have to play to get to them.

    The most amazing thing for me is often the comments at the end of the chapter – me, thinking there was nothing interesting and many other people saying that “this was awesome!”. 🙂 Well, I might just be getting old.

    Oh, and I wish they would finally finish putting up Prisoner of Azkaban, let alone the rest of the books…

  5. You mean the Pottermore I haven’t been on in months?

    I voted no as to it living up to my expectations, but I probably should’ve voted yes, since like many others I didn’t have a lot of high expectations anyway. And while being sorted was nice, it also raised a lot of questions in my mind about sorting on Pottermore & the Sorting in general. I got sorted three times actually & came up with three different houses each time while giving fairly consistent answers.

    I was also never much in it for the extra information & feel some of the information impinges on a straight forward reading of the books.

  6. It’s so nice to have you guys to chat with….I really was going into butterbeer withdrawal.

    I voted yes, even though I found the site a bit more fiddly than I would have liked (my mousing and clicking skills showing my age, I guess). I loved getting sorted and once I settled in at Hufflepuff I realized it was exactly the right house for me: there’s no doubt that herbology and care of magical creatures are going to be my favorite subjects and I’ve always loved badgers.

    My wand (dogwood with a unicorn core) unites a favorite tree and my most beloved magical creature. Like Parvati and Lavender I definitely ooo’d and ahh’d over the golden unicorn foals when I read about them.

    Like Jenna I have to confess I spent hours on the site, and now that summer is here I have a lighter schedule and will probably succumb to the lure of those delightful illustrations and clever little hidden treasures. I’m pretty good at finding those!

    Alas, I am absolutely abysmal at potions. I think I’d be lucky to scrape a Troll. I make Neville look like a genius at the subject and I have yet to even master the cure for boils! I think it’s because Snape’s ghost is teaching the course. Every time he fixes his cold eyes on me, I just panic and forget how many times I’ve stirred the darn stuff or drop my herbs all over the desk….

  7. I meant ‘unlike’ Jenna…bad typing! I, too would rather reread the book, but I still found it fun and fairly absorbing as midnight time wasters go.

  8. I think there should be a third option: Yes, No, Meh?

    I was thrilled and fascinated at first, but then never really went back to it after getting sorted. It’s an interesting idea, but seems pretty marketing intensive and the individual games weren’t particularly electrifying for me. My liking for the books is less about inhabiting the Wizarding World that it is fondness for the characters and appreciation for the plot–boring literary stuff, I guess! And that’s not the emphasis of the site. Just don’t have time, really.

    I think I’m just the wrong age demographic, really. I probably would have played it non-stop if I’d had it to play back in the day instead of Oregon Trail.

  9. I enjoy going through each chapter and finding the hidden objects, and a few of the games are fun, as is buying school supplies…….BUT, they should have waited until they got ALL of the books put up, and worked all of the bugs out of the interface, before making it live. The endless waiting for new chapters to be put up diminishes the experience, and when links and buttons don’t work, it’s frustrating and makes me not want to go back. Don’t get me started on how difficult it is to brew potions. So far, it has not lived up to my expectations, and putting up a major website still in beta is a very bad idea.

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