New Wonder Woman Series Gets Lead

In case you haven’t heard or really don’t care, the super-heroine Wonder Woman is getting a new TV series.  This article tells a bit about the new series and introduces the actress chosen to play the lead character.

This will be a revamped version of the previous TV series from way back in the mid to late ’70’s which starred Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.  It’s been several decades since I’ve seen an episode but frankly, I can’t remember the show being all that good.  And if I had to make a prediction, I can’t imagine this revamped version will be any better. Especially since as they say in the article, this show will be “updated for the modern age.”

Now, I know for a lot of people the 1970’s seem like a long time ago, but I still can’t quite think of it as pre-modern times.

Oh well.  Anyway, what do you think of the new Wonder Woman series?  Interested?  Excited?  Couldn’t care less? Feel free to open up.

16 thoughts on “New Wonder Woman Series Gets Lead

  1. ‘Updated for the modern age’ = missing the point entirely.
    The old series was a simple mix of derring-do and Lynda Carter running towards the camera. And that’s why it is remembered and loved.
    The only ‘modern’ series that understood the reason for existence of these old shows was Xena. Dukes of hazzard, 6 million dollar man, A-team etc, etc were simple and fun for adolescent boys and girls.
    Trying to cash in on nostalgia by changing things defeats the purpose.

    If they’re going to do this, can’t at least Lynda Carter be her Mum or something?

  2. Technically speaking, WW didn’t have a mum: she was variously created by the goddesss Aphrodite along with the rest of the Amazons, or shaped out of clay by the Queen of the Amazons (presumably because parthenogenesis was too tricky).

    I suppose Lynda Carter could play Aphrodite or the Queen of the Amazons. Personally, I was never happy with Carter in the role. Too stiff and self-conscious. Palicki might be a good WW for all I know. I am not a fan of Angelina Jolie, but I think she’d definitely be a good fit for the role.

    The stuff about having to “balance” her superhero stuff and her day-job is lip-service to the idea of updating her “for the modern age”. It actually shows how little things have advanced. Do we worry about whether Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent or Peter Parker can “balance” saving the world with being a millionaire/newspaper reporter / newspaper photographer? Of course not. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. A woman, on the other hand, has to “balance”.


  3. Actually, the way they phrased it in the article did remind me of that one ’70’s or early ’80’s commercial about the woman being able to bring home the bacon, cook it up, & also never let her man forget she’s a woman. So, I think you’re kinda right on the mark in your observation, Red Rocker.

  4. File me under ‘Couldn’t Care Less.’

    I suspect fans will hate it because of its Modern Edge and non-fans will hate it because it will be bad telly. That is, if it’s anything like other reboots…

  5. Upon further reflection, I decided that another reason they’re playing the “balance the needs of work and being an Amazon” card is they’re trying to introduce some tension into the premise. Tension – or conflict – makes for good drama. That’s why the most popular superheroes – Hulk, Spiderman, the Thing, Batman, Hellboy, Constantine, Blade – all have built-in conflict in their lives. But you’d think that trying to reconcile the demands of Greek myth with 21st century business practices – most effective way of dealing with a hostile corporate takeover is to behead the CEO – would have a lot of tension already built in. No need to load it down with a lot of late 2oth century feminist sub context. I mean, face it, the Amazons were feminists before feminism was invented. They don’t need to fight that fight.

  6. I loved Lynda Carter as WW! I remember watching the series as a teen and wanting to wear that outfit in the worst way (of course as a teenage girl, there was no way I was going to fill out that costume like Lynda). As cheezy as the show was, it was fun. I am not all that interested in the new show primarily because they keep regurgitation all the 70’s shows and ruining my childhood memories! Stop!!!

  7. I’m with jensenly on this one. I love WW back in the day- it was great to see a “woman” superman (this from the girl who dreamed about being She-ra, living in a golden palace, and zooming around on a speedo from Star Wars) and I don’t want Hollywood types messing with my favorite shows! And I’m also with Red as well- WW shouldn’t need to balance anything, the conflict she has is with the criminals, not her boss- sheesh. And the Amazons were the ultimate feminists, so what’s the deal?

    I don’t watch a ton of TV anyway, so I will probably let this slide.

  8. Soooo, if anyone wants to see what the new Wonder Woman will look like in her costume, here’s a link to an article with a pic of Adrianne Palicki in her costume for the show.

    Several words come to mind on seeing the costume, but I’ll give you all first shot.

  9. Oh heck, I can’t resist. The first word that popped into my head seeing this pic was ‘sexist’. And the second word was totally ‘impractical’. Let’s see, Batman wears a suit of flexible body armor in fighting crime, SWAT teams are heavily armored & helmeted when doing missions, firefighters wear heavy uniforms & helmets to protect them in the line of duty, Spider-Man wears a spandex costume but it’s full body & he relies on his heightened senses to avoid danger. Superman has built in invulnerability but at least he wears a full costume. You don’t see him fighting crime in a speedo & tank top.

    The article nails it when it says “…the only thing less practical for crime-fighting than vinyl leggings is a bustier (and don’t even get me started on the high-heeled boots).”

  10. All comics have always treated the female super hero as eye candy. But they treat the male super hero the same way – with the bulges above and (ahem) below the waist. This one shows a little more skin – but then so does Conan. I think it’s about even-steven in the sexual fantasy department.

    That said – Ms. Palicki doesn’t look like she could open a jar of pickles – let alone take on a bunch of gangster thugs. I mean seriously – where are her biceps or quads? It looks like she’s never lifted anything heavier than a can of soup in her life. Although she is very pretty and is well-endowed in certain other areas. Also the costume looks like something one could buy online for Halloween.

  11. She is a little skimpy on the muscle. But makes up for it in other areas.

    Speaking of which – she won’t need the magic lassoo to keep villains paralyzed. The first time she lifts up her arms, the eyes of all the males within one square mile will be riveted to her … areas.

  12. Well, outraged fans have spoken & some changes have been made to the Wonder Woman costume. Go here to see the before & after along with a little article on the changes. The main, ummm, assets of the costume remain intact though.

  13. Hmmm….. The re-tooled version of the new costume is definitely an improvement over that latex-n-high-heeled debacle, and it certainly is not more revealing than Lynda Carter’s original–that was more like a fancy bathing suit. I recall that as a child, when watching the Carter version in the ’70s, I wanted one of those magic truth lassoes to use on a lot of the adults around me!

    I hope the re-boot flies well; we’ll see…..

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