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As a result of varying factors, I only have time to throw together a variety of news stories and other things I found of note.  First, a hat tip to The Torch Online, as I first saw many of these stories referenced on their site.  So here goes…

If you haven’t heard, Elijah Wood has been cast to appear in the upcoming Hobbit film.  If you’re wondering how Frodo, who Wood played in the LOTR films, gets into The Hobbit, in which the character doesn’t appear, then you’re not the only one.  Please note the linked story has some spoilers about how they plan to incorporate Frodo. In related news, Ian McKellen & Andy Serkis will be reprising the roles of Gandalf & Gollum respectively.  If you’re interested, TheOneRing.Net is the place to go for news & speculation.  Speaking personally, I can’t help but think that this movie will end up being visually spectacular but will bear little to no resemblance to the actual source material that J.R.R. Tolkien wrote.  More’s the pity.

In other news, well-known author Orson Scott Card had a mild stroke at the beginning of the year.  Card is perhaps best known for his Ender Saga.  I’ve never read any of his works, but I know several other Blogengamot members have.

Looks like The Maze Runner by James Dashner could be the next Young-Adult book to get a Hollywood treatment. I’ve also never read this series, so if anyone has, please chime in with your thoughts on it & how you think it would translate to the big screen.

It looks like there could be another American remake of Godzilla.  My only thought is, PLEASE NO!!!!

Along that line of thought, check out this Twilight tattoo.

For those into super-heroes and Sci-Fi & Fantasy on TV, here’s one story on super-hero movies in 2011 and another article giving a guide to all the Sci-Fi/Fantasy shows on TV this year.

And lastly a few funny bits:  The awkward moments of Harry Potter and Why the Harry Potter universe is secretly terrifying (a little bad language & risqué humor in this one).

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  1. Wild guess: they use Elijah Wood’s face, but alter it to make it look like a child’s (even more so) and~ he shows up at the end.

    And/or he is the one that Bilbo is telling his story to, or he is reading Bilbo’s story.

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