NY Comic Con 2013

The exhibition/booth floor was packed at NY Comic Con 2013
The exhibition/booth floor was packed at NY Comic Con 2013

This past weekend (10/10-10/13) was the eighth annual NY Comic Con, where tens of thousands of fans gathered each day (for an estimated total of 120,000 overall) at the spacious yet ever-crowded Jacob Javits Center in midtown Manhattan to attend panels, fun activity sessions, and autographing booths, and to engage in cosplay while purchasing all manner of geekware and collectibles.

I was in attendance on Friday as Princess Leia (from the original Star Wars film) and on Saturday as Hermione Granger. Β Much fun was had by all!

Here are a few cosplay events and serendipitous hallway mash-ups that I participated in with fellow geeks….

Harry Potter (a.k.a. Alexander Cohen) and I attended (Pumpkin-Pie style, for those who know shipping fanfic) a Wand Dueling session together, where we encountered a most convincing Bellatrix and Harry was checked on by Narcissa in the aftermath:

A fierce battle with Bellatrix
A fierce battle with Bellatrix
Harry Narcissa
Narcissa checks on Harry: Dead or alive?
















Then, startled by Draco, Hermione takes matters into her own hands:

Never call Hagrid that name again, Draco!
Never call Hagrid that name again, Draco!










And there was Anakin Skywalker to contend with:

Wand versus lightsaber!
Wand versus lightsaber











Before getting the pleasure of matching wits with the great reasoner himself, the one and only Sherlock Holmes:


Sherlock Holmes, one of Hermione's heroes!
Sherlock Holmes, one of Hermione’s heroes













All in all, mischief managed!

Princess Leia also believes in "Constant vigilance!"
Princess Leia also believes in “Constant vigilance!”




12 thoughts on “NY Comic Con 2013

  1. Um. I LOVE THE PICTURES. Made. Of. Awesome.

    Wish I had been there, too! That wand-dueling bit looks like fun. And the cosplay! It’s brilliant. I’m especially grinning at the one where you and your wand are taking on Anakin and his lightsaber. And Hermione got to meet Sherlock! πŸ˜€

  2. Looks like you had a ball!
    I love dressing up- great when other people are dressing up too.

    I’ve been thinking of making a post on costumes.

  3. Okay, I’ve read plenty of fanfic & never encountered the term “pumpkin-pie” before. But thanks to the wonders of search engines I now know what it is (as well as finding lots of delicious recipes for pumpkin pie). πŸ™‚

    The con looks really fun, even though I’m not much into the dressing up part. More than likely, I’ll be in NYC this coming year. Unfortunately, it’ll be in the spring & not the fall.

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