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Which Potter character would you/ do you like to dress up as most?

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One of the things I loved doing from when i was a young teen was making costumes and finding excuses to wear them.  It started from when I became interested in role-playing games.  I’d already had an interest in sci-fi from my childhood.  I usually made warrior-type costumes.  I’m doing what I can to get my kids going this way.  I just made this breastplate for my almost three year old son…

arch 002

He cried until I took it off…

I still have a real interest in costumes but now it has a more historical bent.  With my interest in historical arms and armour and historical European swordsmanship I spend a bit of time looking into what is being manufactured for re-enactors and martial artists.

Recently I came across this site:

All their arms and costumes are made in Russia and the Ukraine but they sell globally.

I’m really impressed with what they are doing.  Some of their costumes are absolutely brilliant.  Probably their best- for the ladies- is “The Alchemist’s Daughter“-

Other good ones are:

here, here, here, here, here, here.

I have put a poll at the top of the page regarding what Potterverse character you do or would like to dress-up as the most.

We have some cos-players on the site and if you’d like to share some stories … or failures, please do.

7 thoughts on “Playing- Just b’cos

  1. Tonks for me. I think this would include a lot of possibilities even if I wouldn’t be able to permanently change my hair color. 😉

  2. I went with Hermione, although now that I think about it, technically I’ve only dressed up as McGonagall. Tonks could also be fun, and I have loads of sympathy with Luna. I feel a tad limited with the female characters, though, being just shy of six feet tall and very brunette; also, by the fact that I refuse to dress up as one of the bad characters. 😉 Maybe I could pull off Narcissa with the aid of some good strong wash-out hair dye…

    McGonagall actually wound up being a good choice, although getting my hair into a tight bun was next to impossible, and I had to use huge amounts of gray spray. Natural height and angularity makes “strict spinster teacher” quite believable. 😛

  3. Fun post, Korg, and clever title! I really like that you make armor–though it was sad that your son cried… 🙁 The photos of the Alchemist’s Daughter are stunning!

    I already dressed up as Hermione at NY Comic Con and I dress up as Professor McGonagall at my college. Dressing up as a bad guy just isn’t in me.

  4. McGonagall is the one I’d choose, based on the films’ costuming. Plus I admire Minerva a great deal.

    That breastplate you made your son is awesome. I hope you made it a bit adjustable, because I suspect in a year or two, he’ll love it. How fun to have a dad make this. And I predict he’ll be wearing your designer line for years on Halloween.

  5. My boy has voluntarily put the breastplate on himself over the past few days. That feels better.

    I went for Dumbledore. Long flowing robes, rubber phoenix on the shoulder, high-heeled boots… facial hair. What’s not to like?

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