PotterCasts’s Potter Pundits


Update: John has the extended announcement.

If you’re not already listening to The Leaky Cauldron’s PotterCast, it’s time to start.

Melissa Anelli announces:

In the next PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast, we will be introducing a new segment and several new voices to the show. The Potter Pundits will be providing a scholarly, yet entertaining, look at the themes and symbolism in Harry Potter. We’re excited to share it with you! Please join us in welcoming them!

I’ll be looking forward to thoughts and reactions from the pub on the newest segment on PotterCast! Make sure you subscribe to the podcast, as we’ll be a semi-regular segment on the show.

I should also extend a warm welcome to new Hog’s Head visitors who have just found us by linking from Leaky. We’re glad you’re here, and hope you stick around. This post gives you an intro to The Hog’s Head.

Currently, we’re reading through Deathly Hallows together, after a very successful pre-movie Half-Blood Prince Read-Through. We hope you’ll join the discussion!

7 thoughts on “PotterCasts’s Potter Pundits

  1. It does give me a reason to start listening to Pottercast again. Congrats!! Although I knew it was coming, still you never know if anything got stalled up along the way. Good luck!! 🙂

  2. I had heard about this a bit from the Pottercast people, but this is really sounding like a great segment! I’ve been thinking for a while that Pottercast could use some more “serious” discussion about the books, something I’ve seen plenty of here and with John Granger and James Thomas.

  3. Congrats! They couldn’t have picked 3 better people for this segment. I look forward to what you’re going to discuss first.

  4. Great news, Travis. I listen to Pottercast and sometimes longed to hear thoughtful commentary from folks like you and John. Looking forward to the segment. 😉

  5. Now that’s some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time! Time to go back and subscribe. I’m so glad they are bringing you on board. This will vastly improve the show on many levels.

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