Pottermore Delayed…Again

For those of you unlucky enough to have not gotten into Pottermore during the beta period, bad news. The beta is being extended again for an indefinite time. The complete story is here.

Personally, I think this is a good move on their part. Pottermore really needs some work, especially on being able to bring people back in after the initial period of going through the book moments.

Of course, I can say all this since I’m already into Pottermore. 🙂 For those of you still waiting, Pottermore does thank you for your patience.

29 thoughts on “Pottermore Delayed…Again

  1. It’s gutting, I’ve been checking every few hours for the past few days and I can’t be patient but I’ll annoy myself not the Pottermore staff 😛 but heres to a better Pottermore. Eventually.

  2. I’m personally really annoyed by the date getting pushed back. You can’t tell me that they couldn’t estimate the number of people that would be interested in Pottermore. They should have planned for it since the very beginning. Or they could have just not even given a release date, or not given a second one once they had to push the first one back. I understand that the site isn’t 100% yet, and I’d like for them to get everything ready to let everyone in, but I don’t like that they kept getting our hopes up (first for June, then August, the October and November). There are some of us who have been waiting for Pottermore to open up for 7 months or more, who didn’t get a chance to get in with the Beta. I guess I’m just frustrated, seeing the people who have already gotten in saying all the awesome things about it (or complaining about not getting the house they want, which pisses a lot of people off), and knowing that I’m not getting in anytime soon. Oh well. I guess I’ll just wait… again… *sigh*

  3. Trisha, I can somewhat empathize with your frustration, being one of the last group to get into the beta.

    I’m sure the Pottermore people expected a high amount of interest but perhaps didn’t realize how much interest there might be & also didn’t realize how much work still needed to be done on the site. And there are some things that really need work.

    I think they also need to spend some time dialing back people’s expectations for the site, as there still seems to be a great expectation that the site will be something like a social networking/gaming site.

    As for me, I’m still waiting for the eBooks.

  4. Personally I am losing interest in Pottermore if they extend it again, I’m done waiting. People who’re stuck on the outside waiting for empty promises will eventually start to feel this way and just give up. Then when no one’s buying their ebooks they’ll wonder why. Just saying don’t toy with interested people with empty promises cause they won’t wait around forever for your webpage to become public.

  5. I feel bad for Rowling, who wanted Pottermore open on an important anniversary. She trusted in others to make it possible, and now sees so many disappointed and frustrated.

    If I can wait years between Potter novels, I can wait a few months for Pottermore.

  6. To be honest, it is such a let down, that I am also truly just losing interest in Pottermore. It’s a huge disappointment for all the fans, and a big fat ‘middle finger’ for everyone. I honestly feel disrespected as a fan. The unprofessional-ism is ridiculous, and honestly, they should have seen it coming. Instead of the constant push-back of dates, they should have not mentioned an opening date in the first place. Why get hopes up for everyone and then just dump a bucket of disappointment on them?


  7. Thry said it would be open in October, they lied. Any guesses as to when it will ACTUALLY will be open? Not that I’m very excited anymore…

  8. Sarah, I wouldn’t necessarily say they lied about the opening. I think they fully intended the site would be ready by October. If anything, they were overly optimistic about being able to get things up & running. And frankly, I think it was a good move of them to extend the beta period in order to work out the kinks.

    Of course, they were in a catch 22 situation, i.e. open the website when it clearly wasn’t ready for mass consumption or extend the testing period & risk the disappointment & anger of the HP consuming public.

    As for when it will actually open, I haven’t heard anything. Usually the Pottermore Insider will bring news of what’s happening with the site.

  9. I am also VERY disappointed by the repeated delays. It IS very unprofessional, and it really does make me less interested. There are billions of Harry Potter fans worldwide, and with all the hype, how could they have thought that tons of people would NOT be interested? I think it is a stupid mistake for them to assume that something related to Harry Potter would not be exciting. Harry Potter has fascinated the world!

    I find it very unfair that so many loyal fans, who love Harry Potter just as much, are not being allowed to get in, just because they weren’t fast enough/online/smart enough to get clues, whatever. Everyone has been longing for Pottermore and trying to get in early. I feel somewhat affronted to have had my hopes dashed to the ground over and over.

    I understand that they are trying to make the site the best it can be, but…if that’s the case, why launch it early at all? Why not just make the whole world wait? Having some lucky few get in, and the rest of us waiting for MONTHS ON END, doesn’t feel fair or just at all. It’s very frustrating. It makes me feel like I’m inferior in some way. Thanks a lot, Pottermore.

  10. So, what I’m hearing is that there’s a lot of disappointment & downright anger over this delay? I guess I don’t really blame people. I too was desperate to get into Pottermore & was upset when I had to wait almost to the end of the beta period (at the time) to get early access.

    Of course, once getting in, it was rather a disappointment except for the wand choosing & the Sorting, which were fantastic.

    But I can sympathize with a lot of the anger & frustration & feelings of betrayal. Again, the demand for the site & the potential difficulties in getting it set up are things that one would think would be easily anticipated.

  11. It’s not just that it’s the waiting for it. It’s that we’d like to experience it without finding out everything about it first- for ourselves. I know people were excited to get in early and all that but the more I hear their complaints the less and less interested I become. No offense to those excited to actually be in there but they should perhaps respect the rest of us waiting for the public release. Just like we respected each other with the books and what happened in them. Also the Pottermore Insider has been posting fan art recently and that’s just like a slap to the face, when you really think about it. ‘Here while you’re waiting to just get in let’s show you some of the cool art pieces others have posted to the site that you can’t get into yet.’ I don’t want to see artwork from other fans that are inside Pottermore already. I just want some updates to know what is going on with the public release date. Or maybe more artwork from the creators of Pottermore itself would feel less ‘haha here’s what you can do once you get in.’ Also I keep hearing a ton about these ‘abandoned accounts.’ Another slap to the face feeling comes of that because that account could’ve been given to someone who would’ve just enjoyed the experience and not cared what house they were in.

  12. they really need to make it easy access is she wants to make her fans happy she has to let us see the actual website or every one will loose interest

  13. and here it is, February, and we’re still waiting. honestly, she ought to just can it. no-one cares anymore. they built it up with this big countdown…and the personal message from her announcing Pottermore to the public…and now, 5 months later, we’re still wondering what it’s all about and when it will actually be up and running. really poor planning. inexcuseable. pathetic.

  14. I feel your pain, Tammy. 🙂 Truly, I do, because I keep wondering when they’re going to pull the plug & whether or not we’ll still get the chance at eBooks.

    I don’t know if it’s pathetic or inexcusable, but poor planning definitely. And it’s not as if they’re helping themselves. I haven’t heard a peep out of the Pottermore Insider for several months as to what’s going on with the site. Just the occasional post about artwork left on the Pottermore site. Just some basic information & reassurance by them might go a long way to calm people down.

  15. Oh my gosh! I’m so sick and tired of waiting for Pottermore! Ever since like late August 2011, I have been waiting for people besides Beta to be able to go on Pottermore! I love Harry Potter, I read all the books, seen all the movies, and I’m DYING for Pottermore to start! In October, when they SAID they would be releasing, I was like checking like twice a day but now I’m just like checking once every one of two months. I’m like “oh yeah, Pottermore.” and I check and it says Pottermore is in stinkin Beta and I’m like thought so. They shouldn’t have told us about it and make us so anxious until like now or something. Cause now we are like ok now it’s been 5 months, hurry the heck up. HALF A YEAR OF SAYING IT WILL COME SOON!!!!!!!!

  16. I’m really not surprised at the frustration and anger directed towards Pottermore. It seems like a fair reaction. Especially since it doesn’t seem like it’s being addressed by Pottermore. Perhaps I’ve missed it, and if anybody has any information from Pottermore addressing these concerns, I’d be thrilled to see it.

  17. Here’s a good article on Pottermore. The author has tried to find out information on when it might open & of course the only information she can find is that it will be in an indeterminate amount of time. She also talks about the expectations associated with Pottermore.

  18. I wonder if the whole Pottermore thing is Sony experimenting with their online systems and capabilities.

    Their research and findings might be worth billions to corporations or governments.

  19. I’m starting to just give up on Pottermore. It’s definitely not coming out any time soon, and I’m just wasting my time and breath worrying about it. It’s really not worth it. And if and when it finally comes out, I will sign up but until then I will just try to forget about it. And all the Pottermore Insider is telling us is just a bunch of artwork. Maybe we would be more interested if we weren’t waiting for anything about the actual site! Lucky Beta people…

  20. Korg, that’s a terribly cynical attitude to take. 😉

    Caroline, our fearless leader Travis who hosts the site is on the eastern side of the country so that’s why the time stamp is two hours ahead of us Mountain time people.

    Also, I’m pretty much of your opinion of forgetting about Pottermore until something happens. I just keep track of it because I need to for this site.

  21. Yeah I understand. I used to check like even every hour or two cause I was so anxious. But now I don’t cause I know it’s not ready yet. When they told us it would open near the end of October, that’s when I checked every few hours the last few weeks of October. But when I checked on Halloween and it wasn’t ready, I looked on the Internet for articles on when it was actually coming out. Then they said end of January or beginning of Febuary 2012, I waited and found out they STILL weren’t ready and somehow I wasn’t surprised.

  22. Has Travis posted anything? I would like to see his comments. Do you know him in person or just from the website? He made a very cool name for the site.

  23. Do you mean has Travis posted anything about Pottermore? I’m not sure off hand. I know he got in as one of the Beta testers because he was also able to sign me up for it.

    I know him mostly through this site, although I have met him in person at Azkatraz a few years back. We’re friends on Facebook so that must mean I know him pretty well. 🙂

  24. Well, it’s May and Pottermore if finally up and running. I loved the first book…and now I’m anxiously waiting for the Chamber of Secrets section to be available. I can’t believe that with all the delays they only have the first book ready. I guess I’ll never be happy. I want it all…now! 🙂

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