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Around the Common Room: May 24, 2012

After a couple of weeks’ buildup, we have an immense number of links this week. Accio interesting stuff!

First, the Hogwarts Professor’s report on St Andrews’ academic conference on Harry Potter. The members of the Blogengamot who couldn’t catch a broom to Scotland for that experience are all thoroughly mopey for having missed it.

In the fantasy realm, in bullet points:

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Martin Releases Sample Chapter for “The Winds of Winter”

Here’s a story about George R.R. Martin releasing a sample chapter of his upcoming book The Winds of Winter, part of the A Song of Fire and Ice series. It’s a large sample, about 6,100 words. There are also plans for another sample to be released when the paperback of A Dance of Dragons is released this summer.

Now, I’m not a fan of Martin’s writing. I think you can take gritty realism only so far before it becomes tasteless. So I won’t be reading any of the samples. But for fans of Martin’s writing, have you checked out the sample yet? What are your thoughts? It looks like the series will have only this and one more book left before concluding. Thoughts on that? Let us know.

A Game of Thrones HBO Mini-Series

(A posting by our own Red Rocker)

Here is one for the epic fantasy buffs.

Sean Bean stars in HBO’s new 10 part series Game of Thrones. It’s based on George RR Martin’s saga A Song of Ice and Fire. Episode 1 Winter’s Coming will be aired on HBO on April 17th.

I haven’t read the books, but they sound enormous in scope, with a detailed backstory going back thousands of years and many plot lines with multiple characters. The emphasis is on war, but with strong fantasy elements. From Wikipedia:

The narrative is set primarily in the fictional Seven Kingdoms of Westeros a large, South America sized continent with an ancient history stretching back some twelve thousand years, and where the seasons last for years. The original inhabitants of the land were the Children of The Forest (whose old gods are still worshiped in the North), a diminutive race who lived in harmony with nature and employed powerful magic. The First Men, a civilization of primitive warriors wielding bronze weapons and riding horses, crossed over from the eastern continent via a land bridge (destroyed in the resulting conflicts) and fought a series of wars against the Children, which ended with the Pact of the Isle of Faces, with the First Men taking control of the open lands and the Children remaining in the forests.

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