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Around the Common Room: August 24, 2012

It takes some doing to beat Harry Potter in any form of sales record, but this week, Amazon reported that the Hunger Games trilogy “has suppl

anted Harry Potter as the best-selling series of all time on the website.” (Link and quote from EW’s Shelf Life.) Said Blogengamot member Arabella when forwarding this link, “That’s what JK gets for not releasing to ebook sooner and on Amazon.” Straight-up truth, there. Amazon’s figures include ebook sales, but Amazon has never been allowed to sell the digitized Potter books.

Amazon has more to offer literary fans this week, with a book of essays by YA authors on the Hunger Games books. This anthology can be augmented with a booster pack, which includes essays on the movies. Also, Twilight fans may be interested in Joel and Ella Emmett’s Twilight for Life: Finding Meaning in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight–and in Life.

And in other news:

The International Reading Association’s Engage site has posted a fascinating interview with Shannon Hale, covering some topics of likely interest to the Pub. For instance, here’s Ms. Hale on getting young boys to read about girls:

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Alice at King’s Cross

Alice is Harry Potter, and Absalom is Dumbledore. Whatever else is going on in this film, and whatever complaints one might have about lack of faithfulness to Carroll’s story, this is a great film for Harry Potter lovers for a simple reason. The entire movie is centered around one question: “Is this real, or is this only happening in my head?”

This is the story of Alice wrestling with the King’s Cross question. Burton set this up nicely by showing us Alice as a young girl, repeatedly having the dream that we all know as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. This, of course, means that the whole thing is “not real.” Well, if you listened the last Hog’s Head PubCast, you’ll know to be a bit skeptical about the assertion that the imaginary world of dreams cannot tap into reality.

Alice, who is faced with something of an arranged engagement, leaves her suitor at the gazebo to follow the rabbit down the hole, and she’s immediately faced with many of the characters from her dreams. She is brought before Absalom, who must tell them whether or not she is “the right Alice.” He concludes that she is “hardly Alice,” and everyone takes this to mean she’s the wrong one. Continue reading

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

It’s slated to release sometime next year, but some production art and headshots of characters have creeped out online over time, especially in the last day or two.

And if you’re wondering…  Yes, it is most certainly steeped in Tim Burton’s classic vision of the fantastic.

And yes, the image to the left is Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter.

And, again, yes — it is downright creepy!

If you want to check out some other info, a USA Today article offers some concept art and details some of the story here.  And some other production stills are available at Yahoo! here.

The one thing you can always count on with a story that has been Burtonized:  his ideas will stretch far into a direction you never considered.  At minimum, even if the story isn’t especially compelling, he will always create a visually arresting world that you can’t help but look at.

What do THH patrons think?

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