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Books You Wished You’d Never Read

Came across this topic the other day when a post from Mythic Scribes showed up in my Google Reader. It piqued my interest and got me thinking about the subject. The post, although it’s really a thread topic on their forum, focused on books that are either so good that nothing else can live up to them or books that were simply wastes of time. The overarching theme being books that are so good they spoil you in reading anything else of the same genre or books that are so bad they make you lose faith in humanity. I mean, if you ever had any faith in humanity to begin with. 🙂

Anyway, first, I’d really encourage you to check out Mythic Scribes. It’s a site dedicated to fantasy storytelling, for both fantasy writers and fans to support and encourage one another.

Second, what about it? Any books that you wish you had never read? For whatever reason?

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50 Books a Year & 50 Books Not to Read

The United Kingdom Secretary for Education Michael Gove is saying that children (at least as old as eleven) should read 50 novels a year.   The reading standards in the UK fell from 17th to 25th compared to international standards, and most children only read one or two novels in preparation for their GCSE.  I’m not even going to attempt to explain that so I give you instead the wikipedia article on it.

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Books About Harry Potter

Of course you own the seven Harry Potter novels.  Some of you are odd, like me, and own 2 copies of each.  Three, if you count the audiobooks.  But I’m wondering if anyone else also has a pile of books about or related to the novels documenting the life of our favorite boy wizard.  Here’s my list:

I’ve also checked a few out from the library several times: The Ivory Tower and Harry Potter, Mapping the World of Harry Potter, Reading Harry Potter, Harry Potter’s World, and The Wisdom of Harry Potter.

Please note that I’m not necessarily recommending all of these books.  Some are great, some mediocre, and some not so good at all.

How about you?  Do you have books on the series in addition to the septology itself?