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Missing Dumbledore

Saw this short article and brief video the other day. To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone J.K. Rowling made a few brief comments on Good Morning America.

In answer to a question about who she would introduce Dumbledore to, if she could chose anyone in the world, she would actually chose herself. She says Dumbledore is the character she misses the most. Rowling also offers a bit of insight into the writing process. She notes it felt she wrote Dumbledore from the back of her head. That is, oftentimes Dumbledore would tell Harry things that she never knew she herself knew or believed until she saw them in Dumbledore’s words.

A few quick questions for you. One, can you believe it’s been 15 years since Harry Potter has been released? How has Harry affected you and primarily your reading habits? Two, if you could have Rowling bring back any one character from the books so that they could have a chat with you, who would it be and why? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and answers.

(Oh, one more thing struck me as I watched the video clips. In all the shots of Dumbledore, they always used Richard Harris’s portrayal.) 🙂

Poll Results and New Poll (Shades of Good)

By Matthew


What upcoming movie are you most looking forward to?


  • The Half-Blood Prince (49%)
  • Prince Caspian (15%)
  • The Hobbit (12%)
  • The Dark Knight (10%)
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (6%)
  • X-Files 2 (2%)
  • The Screwtape Letters (2%)
  • Avatar (Last Airbender- M. Night Shaymalan) (2%)
  • Avatar (James Cameron director) (1%)
  • Halo (Directed by Peter Jackson) (1%)
  • Iron Man (0%)

Total Votes: 164


No surprises there considering this is a Harry Potter blog.

Now the new poll.


Who do you think is the Most Good character in the Harry Potter series?


At times we have discussed evil here on SoG and shades of evil and so I thought it might be interesting to examine Goodness.


I have been thinking that this area of examining the books excludes, to some degree, Rowling’s opinions as “Good” to one person will mean something completely different to what you or I percieve as good. Rowling’s opinions will not = canon in this circumstance.


So fire away!