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The Laughs are MONSTERous!

(No, really–that’s what the poster says!)

What do you get when the legends of silver screen comedy run into the legends of silver screen horror (literally)? You get the 1948 classic, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Hailed as one of the greatest comic horror movies ever made, it showcases the comedy duo at the height of their powers and the classic Universal Studio monsters in all their campy terror.

Glenn Strange is the monster in question, the immortal Lon Chaney continues his role as the Wolfman, and, most memorably, Bela Lugosi assumed the role of Count Dracula for the second and final time. Vincent Price even features in an uncredited cameo as the Invisible Man–and gets enough time to laugh evilly.

Abbott and Costello are Chick and Wilbur, two hapless freight handlers who receive a remarkable shipment–Count Dracula in a coffin, Frankenstein’s monster in a crate. Nor did the shipment arrive by accident. Dracula has designed a sinister plot to empower the monster, and lacks one vital ingredient to bring terror to the world: Wilbur’s brain.

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