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NY Comic Con 2013

The exhibition/booth floor was packed at NY Comic Con 2013
The exhibition/booth floor was packed at NY Comic Con 2013

This past weekend (10/10-10/13) was the eighth annual NY Comic Con, where tens of thousands of fans gathered each day (for an estimated total of 120,000 overall) at the spacious yet ever-crowded Jacob Javits Center in midtown Manhattan to attend panels, fun activity sessions, and autographing booths, and to engage in cosplay while purchasing all manner of geekware and collectibles.

I was in attendance on Friday as Princess Leia (from the original Star Wars film) and on Saturday as Hermione Granger.  Much fun was had by all! Continue reading

Family Ties in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix—Part 5: The Grangers and the Lovegoods

This continues a series begun last spring. If you’re new to this series, or wish a refresher, see Part 1–The Magical World, Part 2—Institutions and Groups, Part 3—The Trio, and Part 4—The Evanses and Dursleys for this series’ introduction and context.

The Grangers

The Grangers are Muggles, and Hermione is the only Muggle-born character we see who struggles between her love for and loyalty to both her blood family and wizarding family. Hermione is lucky—her parents are enthusiastic about their daughter’s magical abilities, embrace the magical world and her school, and are proud of her accomplishments.

Muggle parents are fascinating to contemplate. What do they think when they learn the source of their child’s strange, unfocused and troubling abilities? When their 11-year olds get a letter from complete strangers inviting them to a school the family has never heard of, to be taught to use their strange abilities? Who would believe it? We never hear of a Parent’s Day at Hogwarts, so do the parents ever even visit the school where their children spend seven years? Also, once the child enters the magical world, he or she is also leaving the Muggle world and its interests, most likely for good. Do the parents mourn? Worry? Feel conflicted over divided loyalties? Do they have the urge to pull their child out of the Wizarding World, and what happens to a magical Muggle child denied a wizarding education?

Unfortunately, we never get a glimpse into these quandaries beyond Hermione’s parents, and we get very little there.

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Heroic Hermione and the Love of Learning

The next article in the Harry Potter and Philosophy collection is by Patrick Shade (Associate Professor of Philosophy at Rhodes College, TN ), and is entitled “Heroic Hermione: Celebrating the Love of Learning.”   As the title suggests, the spotlight here is on Hermione Granger.  Gather ’round all ye bookworms, because Prof. Shade does justice to Hermione’s dedication to reading and study.

Here’s an abstract of his article (below the jump).

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Un-Locke-ing Order of the Phoenix: Part II

Part II: When Reason Rebels

It’s been a while since I posted Part I: Creating a Legitimate Order (apologies for the delay) in this three-part series (with Part III: Lockean Law of Nature to come out in the Spring) on Lockean political philosophy themes in Order of the Phoenix. The previous post focused on Locke’s justification in his Second Treatise of Government for the two-stage move from the state of nature to a political society/civil order by means of express consent. Some parallels were drawn, despite some disanalogy, between this two-stage move and Hermione’s role in the two-stage founding of Dumbledore’s Army.

This post focuses on Locke’s justification for the people’s right of rebellion/revolution when their legitimately constituted legislature/ruler violates the purpose of the state. Hermione—as the mind/reason figure—will again figure prominently in drawing parallels in OotP (with a little Deathly Hallows sprinkled in).

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Hogwarts Goes Digital

Have you ever wondered what Harry Potter’s Facebook page would look like? Draco Malfoy’s Twitter? Bellatrix Lestrange’s Etsy shop? Wonder no more. NYMag.com has screenshots.

I know this isn’t quite in keeping with the Halloween theme… except for maybe Malfoy’s Twitter page… but this was too brilliant to pass up. Enjoy.

H/T Nathan Bransford