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Tolkien Fans, Potter Fans

Want to be the very image of a Modern Major Tolkien Fan? Here’s how.

The recording and music are obviously spur-of-the-moment, of course, but the lyric is all geek delight. (Via Mark Shea)

Also, sent for posting this morning by Mr. Pond: here’s a tribute to the HP movies and the fan experience around DH2, from the Guardian. With quotes from Thewlis, Gambon, Isaacs and more. Those who have less than unalloyed praise for the portrayal of Dumbledore may find the portrayal of Gambon in this article rather curious. But it’s all an interesting read. Especially since getting a picture taken at Platform 9 3/4 is probably on every Potter fan’s bucket list.


Best Movie Wizards, Good & Bad

MSN Parallel Universe has a story or rather brief snippets with pictures of their compilation of best movie wizards & witches, both good ones and bad ones.  A lot of the usual suspects are there.  The Wizard & the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz.  Growing up in an age when, for the earliest part of my life, there were only 4 TV channels, the showing of Oz every year was a big event.  And for a child, at least for me, it was usually pretty scary. From the tornado, which is still one of the best special effects ever, to the flying monkeys & the cackling evil of Margaret Hamilton’s inspired performance.  Although I have to admit that the picture they use in the article I’ve referenced makes the Wicked Witch look pretty hot.  But maybe that’s just me.

There’s also Merlin & Morgana from the 1981 Excalibur both brilliantly played by Nicol Williamson & Helen Mirren.  Of course, there is Gandalf and Saruman from the Jackson abomin…er, Lord of the Rings films.  James Earl Jones as the sinister Thulsa Doom & Mako as Akiro in Conan the Barbarian.  Warwick Davis as Willow & Jean Marsh as Bavmorda in Willow.  There are a few others I’ve left out because I really never saw the movies referenced.

Oh, there are two wizards who are near & dear to us here on the list.  Dumbledore and Voldemort.  Although I really have to take exception to one particular line in their blurb: “…kindness radiates from both actors who have portrayed him [Dumbledore], the late Richard Harris and Michael Gambon.” I really can’t believe someone who could write a sentence like that has really seen the movies.

Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts on their choices of best movie wizard and witches.  Any ones you felt were left out or should have been included?  I hesitate to mention this because of the gender wars that seem to have arisen lately on this site, but it is quite obvious in their list that the three women sorcerers they picked are all bad. Are there no good women sorcerers in the movies?  Or at least none that stood out enough for the compilers of this list to take note of them?

Feel free to check out the story and offer your comments here.  (Please note, I found their site to be rather difficult to navigate at times and kind of buggy so hopefully you will have better luck with it.)

Around the Common Room

Check back often today; it’s going to be really busy here at The Hog’s Head! Frequent posts for this day-before-the-movie, including interesting news and the stunning conclusion to our Half-Blood Prince Read-Through!

  • Are you on Twitter? Participate today and tomorrow in the Dumbledore Twitter Challenge, by The Harry Potter Alliance (and don’t forget to follow @thehogshead!); More thoughts on this later in the day if I have time.
  • Lev Grossman writes about Wizard Rock for TIME. A very good article.
  • A new article on Gambon’s Dumbledore, with interview quotes. Fair warning: there’s lots in here for us anti-Gambon folks to get good and worked up about. If he says, “I play myself” one more time, I’m going to call him up and ask him why he chose acting as a career.
  • Spoiler Warning if you click this link: Janet Batchler got to an early screening of Half-Blood Prince and has written her review.
  • Reminder to Rochesterians that I’m at the Brighton Library tonight at 7pm, and I hope to see you at Tinseltown for the midnight showing of Half-Blood Prince!
  • And yes, I’ll be writing my review at 3am when I get back from the film.