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Around the Common Room: January 4, 2013

It’s 2013, some of us are still sweeping up bits of confetti left over from wizard crackers–surreptitiously, when Aberforth isn’t looking–and there are a few bits and leftovers from 2012 to be picked up and discussed as well. For instance:

…and though the Christmas season is almost over (it’s the tenth day–perhaps you’ll get some lords-a-leaping from your true love!), there’s a Godzilla Christmas tree to be seen, fifteen ice planets for a guaranteed white Christmas, Bryan Thomas Schmidt’s picks for Top Ten Christmas Reads for Kids, and a little mixup over the generous nature and white beard of Gandalf.

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Around the Common Room: October 12, 2012

The Hog’s Head isn’t the only site pulling out the Halloween props–ghosts, spooks and goblins are all over the web! To begin, you may want to get your Potter-themed costume from OfficialHarryP

otterCostumes.com. Though making your own is always a perfectly good choice, too.

On Blu-Ray this fall: Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection, which includes such famed monsters as The Phantom of the Opera, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Bride of Frankenstein and The Mummy.

Definitely frightening: a pie chart of Voldemort’s soul, describing what percentage is in which Horcrux (assuming a 50/50 split every time).

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“Lord of the Rings" inspired "Snow White"

Screenwriter Evan Daugherty discusses with TheWrap.com how a passion for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films inspired his idea to reinterpret the Snow White fairy tale for 21st Century audiences in Snow White and the Huntsman, opening in theatres this weekend.

Next up for Daugherty: a script for the film adaptation of the Veronica Roth novel, Divergent, which Lionsgate/Summit is hoping will be the next Hunger Games (which was hoped to be the next Twilight, which was hoped to be the next Harry Potter).  Divergent was reviewed last year by the Hog’s Head’s Jenna St. Hilaire.

In a blockbuster weekend competing against The Avengers and Men in Black 3, the only question remaining is: will Snow White and the Huntsman be the fairest of them all?


A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Well, to be more accurate, it was 35 years ago yesterday, May 25, 1977, that Star Wars debuted in theaters. The article to which I linked asks a few questions.  Do you remember when you first saw Star Wars? Is the theater you saw it in still there? Are you still in touch with whoever you saw it with?

I saw it the week of the premiere in the Stuart Theater in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. I saw the movie about three times in the theater. My mom would drop me off. In 1977, I would've been 12 years old o

r something close to that. The Stuart Theater is now the Rococo Theater. Same building but it apparently doesn't show new movies anymore but serves as more of a nightclub which only occasionally shows classic and cult classic films. You can also book it for wedding receptions.

So, if you can still remember, feel free to answer the above questions. When and where did you first see Star Wars when it premiered? With whom? And is the theater still there? If you weren't born yet when Star Wars premiered, where did your parents see it? 🙂 Or when did you first become introduced to Star Wars? May the Force be with you!


Hijacked Hunger Games?

A Conversation with John Granger

The Hunger Games film is abuzz throughout the interweb, not least here at the Pub. Amid the swirl of reviewers, John Granger, the Hogwarts Professor and friend of this blog, has recently attracted some controversy during that site’s “Hunger Games Month” for his claim that the movie is hijacking the book.

The Hog’s Head caught up with Professor Granger just as the month was drawing to its close. Despite his busy schedule of writing, speaking, and teaching, he was able to sit down with us over butterbeers, and talk about why he thinks The Hunger Games movies hijacked the books, why the books have been catching fire among serious readers, and why the Hunger Games trilogy just might be better than Harry Potter.

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New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

Ten years after the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man franchise started Hollywood is rebooting it. As this article states, there’s a new Spider-Man actor (Andrew Garfield), a new love interest, new villain, and a new approach to the back story. Now, the character and story of Spider-Man has been around for a long time. The question this article attempts to answer is, “With such a recent connection to the previous franchise, how different could this movie be?”

And part of the answer does go back to the fact that Spider-Man has been around for awhile, starting in 1963. That’s two years before I was born and three years before Star Trek started! Talk about a long time ago! 🙂 Anyway, for those who may not know the original back story of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man here’s a brief synopsis.

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Around the Common Room, October 2, 2011

A few things of note:

First, Pottermore has pushed back its opening date to the end of October. The delay can be expected to frustrate millions of fans worldwide; however, speaking as one of the beta testers, in my opinion they had no choice. Whatever they planned the servers to be able to handle, beta testing spent all of last week oversetting it in a major way. I can report, however, that last time I logged on, the site ran decidedly more smoothly than I had ever seen it. There is hope.

Perhaps harder for hopeful ebook readers to take, the Shop does not plan to open till the first half of 2012. The only consolation these readers have is that after years of hard-copy only, at least the ebooks have been promised.

In other points of interest:

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Brave Enough?

Pixar is making a fairy tale movie. Now it’s official. They’ve confirmed the cast (which includes Harry Potter star Robbie Coltrane), worked out difficulties with the directors, and released concept art.

Apparently, not only will it boast Pixar’s first female protagonist, it also boasts their first female director, albeit as a co-director. And I guess we’re not supposed to count Helen “ElastaGirl” Parr as a protagonist, for some incomprehensible reason.

They’re setting it in Scotland and calling it Brave. Which doesn’t remind anyone of any other movie about Scotland, OK?

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