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Around the Common Room: December 14, 2012

It’s release day for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey! On account of which, there are a nearly infinite number of relevant articles and such this week, some of which are aggregated here:

In not-so-small Harry Potter news: the stars of the Potter films are getting together to film a Potter mini-movie, which will be shown at the theme parks containing Potter attractions. Over at The Guardian, Ellie Lewis makes a guess at what the movie may be about.

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Pan’s Labyrinth, Harry Potter, and the Gothic

Pan’s Labyrinth is simply a stunning film, both visually and thematically. I liked it the second time around more than the first. Opening with the story of the princess of the “Underground Realm” where there are “no lies or pain,” who dreamt of outer world and escaped to there, the film traces the story of that lost Ofelia, who has no idea her true identity. But you can see she’s called to the world of Faerie early on. Arriving at her new house, she runs straight for the woods. Given a bath and a pretty dress for a dinner party, she ruins them both in one of her magical quests. The best “surprise” she could receive is not a dress, in fact, but books.

Fans of Potter and other fantasy works will have lots of of connecting points to Pan’s Labyrinth. There are common features, like the woods, three magical tasks to accomplish, magical mandrake remedies to maladies, and a blank book with magically-appearing ink. It has a Narnia-like beginning, with the threat of war (WWII) in the background, and the young girl moving to a new house. Unlike Narnia, she moves from one war zone to another, and her own battles must be fought around the portal to the Underground Realm while WWII continues around her. Continue reading

Scary Movies Week

As we continue our Hog’s Head Halloween 2009, we’ve come upon scary movies week. This week, we’ll look at effective Gothic and frightening elements in films, with particular focus on three movies: the 1922 Nosferatu, which can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube, del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, and I’m guessing we’ll get a review of the recently released Paranormal Activity, which is getting a lot of attention right now.

That’s only three movies. I’m sure you have favorites. Talk about them in the comments!