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Around the Common Room: August 17, 2012

It’s that time again–not just for a Common Room linkfest, but for the annual Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest Results, where, in honor of Edward George Bulwer-Lytton’s “It was a dark and stormy ni

ght”, judges have chosen and proclaimed this year’s winning attempts to write the worst possible opening line for a novel.

Much imagination goes into this contest every year. As a big fan of really bad puns, I probably laughed hardest over this one:

Professor Lemieux had anticipated that his latest paper would be received with skepticism within the small, fractious circle of professional cosmologists, few of whom were prepared to accept his hypothesis that our universe had been created in a marijuana-induced industrial accident by insectoid aliens; nevertheless, he was stung when Hawking airily dismissed it as the Bug Bong Theory. — Alan Follett, Hercules, CA

But there are many more to enjoy, all of them works of positively awful brilliance. Have fun.

In other news of literature and imagination:

From SmartPopBooks.com, How Star Trek Liberated Television. This piece contains some interesting thought that may appeal in particular to pub readers used to the marginalization of fantasy and speculative fiction in general:

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Focus on: The Library

What could more thrill the heart of either a librarian or one’s inner Hermione than this tale of a gem found in a dusty rare book room?   This NY Times story is about more than finding a rarity in Brown University’s Library dungeons.  The author knows how to write about someone who loves books, and captures the texture and imagination of “life in the stacks.”

On more Library-related notes, how did you feel when you entered the Library on Pottermore?  What more do you wish you could do there?  I for one would love to be able to pull down books from the shelves–say, Hogwarts: A History–and be able to leaf through a few pages to find out some magical details that Prof. Binns didn’t tell us….

And what are your favorite “Library moments” in any of the Harry Potter novels?


Potter Encyclopedia Coming?

Yes. Maybe. Sometime down the road. But Rowling’s apparently working on it. When it might come out, who knows? She believes it will be a time consuming job. But when it’s done all the royalties will go to charity. Some of the material is already being used on Pottermore, but it definitely sounds like some day there will be an actual encyclopedia. I know the possibility has been bandied about before, but this is the first time I can remember, at least, of her actually coming out and saying she is working on it.

The article also discusses the possibility of new Potter books. While Rowling hasn’t ruled out ever writing another Harry Potter again, she doesn’t have any immediate plans and thinks she rounded off the series very nicely. Plus, any Potter books might be contingent on how well her new novel does and whether she continues to direct a lot of energy towards projects of that nature.

My personal opinion is, skip the encyclopedia, Ms. Rowling, and if you have information you really want to get out to us, do it in the form of stories. Short stories, novellas, whatever. Write your own fan fiction, except official like and all. 🙂 What are your thoughts on the whole matter?


Pottermore Now Open to General Public

You’ve heard it before, but this time it’s apparently true. Pottermore is open to the public! Of course, you can’t get in all at once. You can now sign up and they will gradually bring in more people. So there may be a delay between when you sign up and when they send you the notice you’re finally in. But once that happens, you’re in! You’ll get to experience all the fun that is Pottermore! What that fun is, well, I suppose it depends on your tastes. They make promises of new content and fun things to do. So far the most fun I’ve had was getting my wand and being sorted into a House (Ravenclaw, BTW!) Of course I did this all months ago since I was in the beta trial and I haven’t been on Pottermore very much since. But as I said, tastes differ.

Let us know if you plan to sign up. If you aren’t planning, let us know why. If you do sign up, let us know what your wand and House end up being. Have fun!!

Harry Potter eBooks Now Available!!!!!

News today that the Pottermore Shop opened and all the Harry Potter eBooks are available!!  I’m slightly excited.  Well, as my wife might note, I’m shaking right now and can’t calm down.  And I’ve already bought all the eBooks and downloaded them to my Kindle Fire. Happy, happy, happy!!

The first three books are priced at $7.99 and the rest are priced at $9.99. You can buy a bundle of them for $57.54. The pricing is also available for British Pounds and for Euros. I tried to buy the Great Britain English versions but they wouldn’t let me, so I’ve got the American English ones. Plus, the audiobooks are also available to purchase as downloads.

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Pottermore to Open…Finally!

In early April 2012. Here’s the announcement today from the Pottermore Insider.

The important part of the announcement is that (cross your fingers) Pottermore is finally opening to the general public in early April. I hope this means the eBooks will be available then too! Of course, there’s the obligatory explanations of why it’s taken so long for them to get to this point. Extremely high demand. Inability of their original platform to support that. Processing feedback from Beta users & then incorporating a platform change as well as other changes. Over the coming months they promise to add in exclusive content and features. They conclude by saying “the wait is nearly over.”

So, thoughts? Excited? Big sighs of relief? Taking a wait and see attitude? Too little too late? Feel free to share your thoughts.

I must admit I’m blase about the whole affair. The joy and excitement over Pottermore wore off a long time ago for me. Now I’m just in it for the eBooks. Wait, that’s what I was primarily in it for to begin with. 🙂

UPDATE: The eBookstore will also be opening sometime in early April. Theoretically.

New Pottermore Poll

Korg kindly put up a new poll at my suggestion regarding Pottermore. Just out of curiosity, when was the last time you were on Pottermore? Feel free to vote in the poll and then post your answer here. If you like, tell us the reason why you were on Pottermore last.

I voted “Within the Last Two Months.” I visited Pottermore back when we did the Pubcast on it with the members of Potterwatch from UNC Charlotte. So that would’ve been on November 14th, I think.

Pottermore Delayed…Again

For those of you unlucky enough to have not gotten into Pottermore during the beta period, bad news. The beta is being extended again for an indefinite time. The complete story is here.

Personally, I think this is a good move on their part. Pottermore really needs some work, especially on being able to bring people back in after the initial period of going through the book moments.

Of course, I can say all this since I’m already into Pottermore. 🙂 For those of you still waiting, Pottermore does thank you for your patience.