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Books, Films, and You – Boo!

In keeping with our October Halloween theme, what books or films have literally made your hair stand on end, or made you jump, scream or have nightmares for weeks?

I’m around eighteen. I’m reading The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. It’s late at night and I’m alone; the house is silent. All lights are off, except for the lamp beside me. I’m completely absorbed in the scene where the two women are in the bedroom; the house has come alive, and is breathing and making horrific sounds; I’m totally in that room with them, scared out of my wits. The doorknob to the room is turning.

Suddenly, our front door doorknob, several feet away, begins to turn.

I stare at it in disbelief, hair standing on end. It mysteriously continues to slowly turn back and forth. I get up and creep fearfully to the door, my heart practically jumping out of my chest. I feel a complete unreality. I’m get to the door and (stupid!) open it, and find myself two inches from a face between the opened screen door and me. Before I realize it’s my brother returning from an evening out, I jump and shriek loud enough to wake the neighborhood.

I haven’t read any horror since.

So, what’s your story?