The Backstory of Fantasy Roleplaying

David Ewalt, the author of “Of Dice and Men:  The Story of Dungeons & Dragons and the people who play it” delivers a lecture on the origins of Fantasy Roleplaying and of Dungeons & Dragons in particular.

It is very interesting and worth a look.

Please comment and share something of your own experience with D&D.


2 thoughts on “The Backstory of Fantasy Roleplaying

  1. I remember losing a whole weekend to D&D with Korg when we were teenagers and this made our Mum very worried. She heard about all the dangers (this was the 80s) so kept a quiet eye on us.
    I think I enjoyed planning the game rather than playing it: making maps, stocking everything, developing characters (ie. keep rolling until you get 18+ for every stat). Also, playing with your brother meant an unspoken agreement to not kill off their favourite character, and to have at least one +20 weapon to find!

  2. Played a bit a long time ago. Nowadays my exposure is through episodes of The Big Bang Theory watching Sheldon, Leonard, Wollowitz and Raj play. Especially fun when Howard is Dungeon Master: his voices, especially Christopher Walken as a dragon, are a hoot.

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