The Hobbit: Movie posters look cool

Newly released images for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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Check all the images in a scroll here.


They’ve certainly grabbed the main pieces of what they’re calling the first half of the story:

Bag End, Unexpected Party, Bert Bill and Tom, Elrond reading Thorin’s map in the moonlight, Gollum and the finding of The Ring, Wargs attacking and the rescue by the eagles, Beorn, Sting earning it’s name in Mirkwood, the Wood-Elves realm and escape by barrel to Esgaroth.

Do you see anything else?


2 thoughts on “The Hobbit: Movie posters look cool

  1. Love the poster! Who is that sinister creature lurking on cliff just above Bert, Bill and Tom’s cauldron? And where do you think the bridge is supposed to be?

  2. I reckon that’s one of the trolls on the hill.

    The bridge could either be somewhere approaching Rivendel, Lake Town or perhaps getting close to The Lonely Mountain.

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