Travis’s Speaking Schedule

At present, with a new job and a new baby on the way, Travis is limiting his speaking engagements to the Western NY area. He will, of course, appear at Leaky 2011. If you’re interested in having Travis speak at your event in the Western NY region, please use the contact form.

Previous Speaking Engagements: Info, Audio, Pictures, and Recommendations!

August 6-9, Nashville: Hutchmoot 2010

June 21, Galesburg Public Library, Harry Potter’s World Exhibition – “The Alchemy of Albus Dumbledore”

July 15-18Infinitus 2010, Orlando – Special Guest Speaker: Two Presentations (topics and titles to be determined) and Two Panels (Potter Pundits Live and “Less Umbridge, More Lupin”)

May 15, Ann Arbour Michigan: Expeditious 2010, Featured Presenter

April 19, 2010: Philadelphia, PA at LaSalle University – “Breaking into Gringotts: Harry Potter, Money and Power”

March 6, 2010: New York City – Potter Pundits LIVE!

March 19, 2010: Augustana College (via teleconference) – “Harry Potter and the Other”

January 19, 2010: Pittsford Community Library – “The Quest for the Hallows: Courage in Harry Potter”

November 19-21, 2009 Arizona State University, Honors Lecture Series: “Harry Potter & Imagination: Popular Fantasy among the Greats” – Part 1 of audio here!

October 12, 2009 New York City: “Harry Potter, Dracula, and Frankenstein: Supernatural Horror and the Gothic in J.K. Rowling’s Best-selling Novels” – Video available in sidebar on right!

July 18-21, Featured Speaker, Azkatraz 2009, San Francisco, CA: “The Postmodern Potions Master,” “How Half-bloods became Purebloods;” Moderator for “Life of Severus Snape” panel; Panel member for discussion on feminism and romance

July 14, 2009 @ 7pm – Brighton Memorial Library

Travis Prinzi at the Brighton Memorial Library

July 11th, Writers and Books in Rochester, NY: Half-Blood Prince movie release party.

“Writers & Books was thrilled with Travis Prinzi’s presentation at our recent community event. While Prinzi is extremely fun, innovative and creative, what we appreciated most about his presentation was how accessible he made himself to our audience. Prinzi engaged audience members through meaningful dialogue and took time to answer questions thoughtfully. We are confident that Travis Prinzi would bring a great deal of fun and excitement to any event!” ~ Garrett Rubin, event organizer

Travis at the Henrietta Public Library
Travis Speaking at the Henrietta Public Library

July 8, 2009, Henrietta Memorial Library: Harry Potter & Imagination – Fun with Names and Themes

“Any young Harry Potter fans would love to hear Travis Prinzi talk about the … Harry Potter series! His presentation was fun, informative, and interactive by involving the kids in the discussion by asking them questions. He even wore a Wizard cape to get the kids in the mood! The young audience, ages 8-12, really enjoyed his program.” ~ Ellen Glena, Programming Coordinator, Henrietta Public Library

March 20, 2009, Augustana College: Culture Wars and Harry Potter, for “The Postmodern World of Harry Potter” class (Audio available here!)

February 19, 2009, The Old Toad: Potter’s Politics: The Moral and Social Imagination of J.K. Rowling

Travis Speaking at NIU

October 31 – November 1, Northern Illinois University

  • “Quills, Queries, and Quests: Education and Politics in Potter” – Audio available here.
  • Panel Discussion: “Harry Potter and the Bridge Between Two Worldviews” (with John Granger and David Gras)

July 10-13: Portus 2008, Dallas, TX

  • “Hogwarts, A (Haunted) History: Lovecraftian Fear in Harry Potter”
  • “Christ in the Forest: Aslan and Harry Walk to their Deaths”
  • Portus Podcast Palooza with HP Progs
  • Podcasting Panel Discussion

“Travis Prinzi has been a favorite speaker at HPEF, Inc. conferences since 2007. He most willingly engages himself with his audience to share his knowledge and talent. His presentations give breadth and depth to the Harry Potter fandom while also bringing enjoyment to his audience. As an organizer, I feel he is an ideal guest. He communicates well and provides information in a timely manner. He is polite, humble and a pleasure to speak with. If our audiences are any indication, Travis will be extremely well-received and gain new fans wherever he goes.” ~ Jennifer Clack, Advisory Board Member, HPEF, Inc., Chair –Infinitus 2010.

Travis and HP Progs at Portus 2008 in Dallas
Travis and HP Progs at Portus 2008 in Dallas

June 19-21: Convention Alley 2008, Ottawa, ON – Keynote Speaker

  • “Of Fountains, Fabians, and Freedoms: Dumbledore as Fabius Maximus and Libertarian Headmaster”
  • “Quills, Queries, and Quests: Literacy and Education in Harry Potter”
Travis was a Featured Speaker at Convention Alley 2008 in Ottawa
Travis was a Featured Speaker at Convention Alley in Ottawa

“Response from attendees [of Convention Alley 2008] was overwhelmingly positive. He was very open and attentive to questions—he focused on the asker and gave a lot of thought to the answer. Interactive, animated, thought-provoking. Travis has the ability to make academic analysis not only accessible but interesting to laypeople—and this is critical as the analysis of the Harry Potter books moves from the speculative to the analytical. A good balance of academic facts and theories. Many attendees were writers themselves, and Travis’s analysis helped them understand what their own writing may be projecting to their audiences.” ~ Sheryll Townsend, organizer of Convention Alley

April 9 – 10: LaSalle Univeristy

  • “Race, Gender, and Class in Harry Potter”
  • “Wizards at War: Harry Potter as Commentary on Terrorism”

“With insightful literary analysis and a keen grasp on issues of contemporary relevance, Travis Prinzi opened up Rowling’s Harry Potter books for my students in fresh new ways that engaged our interests and challenged our assumptions. Out of an obvious love for the series and its characters, Prinzi made difficult concepts easy to understand and sparked discussion that led us deeper, not only into the wizarding world, but also the profound problems facing our own muggle communities.” ~ S. Joel Garver, PhD, Professor of Philosophy at LaSalle University, PA

August 2007: Prophecy 2007

  • “The Fountain Told a Lie: Dumbledore’s Deconstruction of the Wizarding World”
  • “Shadow, Sociopath, Sinner: A Threefold Look at Voldemort” – Audio available here.
  • “The Meaning of the Phoenix: Love’s Victory Over Death” – Audio available here.
Travis Speaking with Prophecy 2007 Attendees
Travis speaking with Prophecy 2007 attendees

Scheduling Travis Prinzi

If you’re interested in having Travis speak at your Harry Potter event, contact him through this website! Presently, Travis’s fees are as follows:

  • For Rochester events: $125
  • For events involving travel more than an hour from Rochester: $150
  • Travis will speak at your event for free if he is permitted to bring copies of his books, Harry Potter & Imagination, and Hog’s Head Conversations to sell!
  • Travis will also make every effort to speak without fee at events for charity.

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